Emmerdale: Kim is being poisoned by Gabby, claim fans

Kim collapsed

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Emmerdale fans are convinced Kim Tate is being poisoned by Gabby Thomas.

A few months ago Gabby Thomas discovered she was pregnant with Jamie Tate’s baby. Wanting to have Gabby and the baby close, Kim invited Gabby to move into Home Farm.

Earlier this week, Kim wasn’t feeling well and noticed error on her paperwork.

After discovering Jamie and Andrea settled their divorce amicably and Jamie had given her Dale View cottage, Kim snapped at Gabby for not trying to put Jamie off giving Andrea the house, like she said she would.

Gabby and Kim had an argument (Credit: ITV)

Kim later tried to apologise but Gabby stormed off. Shortly afterwards Kim collapsed and was found by Lydia Dingle the next day.

When Gabby returned home, she saw that Kim had been looking up hereditary dementia.

Kim opened up to both Lydia and Gabby that she had been suffering from memory loss, fainting spells and blackouts.

Kim collapsed, but is she being poisoned? (Credit: ITV)

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Kim said her dad had dementia and within a year he couldn’t even look after himself.

After apologising to Gabby for snapping at her, Gabby opened up about her dad Ashley, who had dementia and died in 2017.

Lydia insisted Kim needed to see a doctor, however Gabby tried to put her off.

Emmerdale: Is Gabby poisoning Kim?

After Lydia left, Gabby tried to convince Kim to give her some control over the business so she could help her out.

But fans are convinced that Gabby is poisoning Kim.

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What’s next for Gabby and Kim?

In next week’s scenes Lydia finds Kim dozing off at her laptop. She tries to get her to seek medical help, but will Kim agree?

Is she slowly poisoning poor Kim?

Meanwhile Gabby is left hurt and humiliated when Jamie refuses to attend her pregnancy scan.

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