Jamie Tate

Emmerdale viewers hating on love rat Jamie as he manipulates Belle into sleeping with him again

Jamie's just like his mother

Viewers of Emmerdale have turned on Jamie Tate after he manipulated Belle Dingle into sleeping with him again.

The vet proved to be as scheming as his evil mother Kim Tate in Friday (April 10) night’s episode after romping with Belle just hours after firing her.

Viewers are desperate for Belle to escape Jamie (Credit: ITV)

A furious Belle threatened to sue Jamie and expose his creepy behaviour towards her in court.

They slept together last month after a call out – but Jamie immediately went back home and romped with his wife Andrea afterwards.

But he’s since convinced Paddy Kirk to fire Belle after claiming the vets couldn’t afford to pay her.

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But after Belle raged at him, Jamie managed to manipulate her into admitting she loved him.

She said: “I want you so much, but I can’t have you.

“So you’re going to settle for a loveless marriage and teach Millie that it’s OK to live a lie. You’re not going to leave her, are you? OK, then you’ve made your decision.

Jamie manipulated Belle

“I think it’s the wrong one but I respect it. I’ll be professional, I won’t get wound up when I see you two together because even though I can’t have you I know how you really feel.

“You go back to your life, I’ll go back to Ellis and we’ll try to make it work.”

Scheming Jamie replied: “I can’t, Belle, that’s why I have to be strong and I have to let you go.

He manipulated her into romping again (Credit: ITV)

“This way I won’t have to see you at work every day, want you every day, every night when I go home to my wife I won’t have to wish I was going home to you instead.”

His words worked and the pair began romping in the stables leaving viewers sickened.

One viewer raged: “Jamie you manipulative creep!!! @emmerdale #emmerdale”

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A second said: “I can’t stand Jamie Tate! #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Jamie had some nerve bringing up Andrea and Graham. That happened once before Andrea was married to him.

“He can’t keep bringing it up every time he doesn’t want to be with his wife.”

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