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OPINION: Emmerdale: Don’t bring Jamie back – we don’t care about him. Bring back Andrea!

Andrea deserves to return - not drip Jamie!

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Emmerdale is falling over itself to tease the potential return of Jamie Tate.

The mild-mannered vet who turned into a supervillain capable of deceiving actual supervillain Kim Tate and successfully faking his own death.

Jamie Tate pulled off what even his mother couldn't (Credit: ITV)
Jamie Tate pulled off what even his mother couldn’t (Credit: ITV)

Get rid of Jamie, Emmerdale!

He escaped the village and got his daughter Millie back.

And now it seems he’s returning to take his son Thomas away too.

With all the build-up you’d think it was Easter in church, but we have just one thing to say – forget about Jamie Tate, and let’s talk Andrea.

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You see while Jamie’s faked death was as obvious as the day is long, Andrea’s death actually has people convinced she’s still alive.

She wasn’t murdered in the traditional sense – just left to inhale smoke until she shuffled off the mortal coil.

And fans never saw a body.

Emmerdale: Is Andrea Tate alive?

That’s the golden soap rule of death – no body, no death.

And let’s face it – Andrea was far more interesting than Jamie.

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While he was treating sick puppies and making doe eyes at everyone who wasn’t his wife, Andrea was going head to head with Kim and winning.

Only her own conscience got in the way of her destroying Kim’s entire criminal empire.

Andrea may not even know who she is if she returns to Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Andrea needs to make a bombshell return to Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

And as for Jamie – she could see him off with barely a hair flick.

We get that Jamie is a legacy character but compared to Andrea, there’s just nothing to him.

Andrea has fire, agency and is a self-made woman.

We need more of her sort in the village – people not cowed by Kim, or brought low by their own cruelty.

Dare we say it – but she was the perfect normal character.

And it’s time Emmerdale brought her back.

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