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Thursday 4th June 2020

Jacob from Emmerdale 'to die' after Eric's death warning?

Dan being rushed to hospital left Eric shaking

Jacob Gallagher has had a tough year in Emmerdale but it seems things could be about to get a whole lot worse.

The teenager could be set to die in a horrifying allergy storyline after his grandfather Eric discovered his Epipens - life-saving medical equipment for someone with life-threatening allergies - were out of date.

Eric was furious at his grandson Jacob in Emmerdale for not having an up to date treatment (Credit: ITV)

Earlier this week Dan Spencer suffered a horrifying allergic reaction to one of Brenda Walker's new vegan wraps.

Eric found him and tried to save his life.

Rushing to son David's house and into Jacob's bedroom, Eric grabbed one of Jacob's adrenaline sticks after realising Dan was in anaphylactic shock.

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But when he used it on Dan it didn't have much of an effect with midwife Wendy Posner realising it was out of date.

Fortunately an ambulance arrived to stabilise Dan and get him to the hospital for treatment.

But the shock of what had happened weighed heavily on Eric.

Eric was left shaken after saving Dan's life

In what could be a dark foreshadowing of what's to come, Eric shouted at his grandson about his out of date medical equipment and pointed out he could die if he doesn't keep it up to date.

He summoned Jacob and told him about finding Dan on the floor of the garage - but at first Jacob didn't take it seriously and joked that Dan was drunk.

Dan has been told he may never walk again after injuring his back during his collapse (Credit: ITV)

"No!" shouted Eric, adding: "He couldn't breathe on the count of his throat being swollen up.

"Anaphylactic shock, are you familiar with that term?

"So, I went over to your house to see if I could borrow one of your adrenaline pens to try and save his life, and guess what?"

A panicking Jacob then realised what had gone on and worried that Dan had died but Eric put his mind to rest on that.

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But he did call him out on his lack of medical essentials for someone who has a nut allergy.

"No he is not dead, no thanks to you," Eric pointed out.

"Your pen was out of date and therefore useless!

"What if that had been you? You were out by yourself and needed it - what then?"

What indeed! Could this be a major hint that Jacob will soon die? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!