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Emmerdale: Is Meena going to kill Princess the dog? She’s abused her before

Meena decided to keep the dog

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Emmerdale character Meena decided to take in Andrea’s dog Princess, but is Princess in danger?

Last month Meena murdered Andrea Tate after Andrea witnessed Meena try to drown Victoria Sugden.

After Andrea’s death, her daughter Millie went to live with Andrea’s mum, meanwhile Andrea’s housemate Wendy took on Andrea and Millie’s dog, Princess.

Meena killed Andrea (Credit: ITV)

Last week, Meena killed again, this time taking the life of Ben Tucker after he also discovered Meena tried to kill Vic.

Ben had also been living with Wendy and in tonight’s scenes (Monday, November 29) Wendy was devastated to have lost both of her friends and housemates.

Emmerdale: Meena takes in Princess the dog

Meena went over to her house to see her and ended up helping her clear out Ben’s items.

When Princess kept barking, Wendy said the dog was driving her up the wall.

Meena suggested she may be missing Andrea but Wendy said she was trying her best.

After Andrea was killed, Princess stayed with Wendy (Credit: ITV)

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Wendy refused to put the dog in a kennel but Meena suggested she take the pooch, saying she’d like the company.

Manpreet pointed out she always wanted a dog, but could poor Princess be in danger living with serial killer Meena?

Meena trapping Princess

Meena killed Ben last week (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans may remember back in June, Meena purposely locked Princess in a car on a boiling hot day.

She lured the pooch into the car using a toy and shut her inside.

Eventually she was found by David Metcalfe and Andrea’s boyfriend Charles rushed her to the vet.

Meena has abused Princess before (Credit: ITV)

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Poor Princess had heat stroke but made a full recovery. None of the villagers ever found out how Princess became trapped in the car, but viewers know it was Meena.

The scenes made some viewers so upset, they they complained to the RSPCA.

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