Graham Foster returns to Emmerdale

Emmerdale SPOILER: Is Graham Foster James Tate’s father?

Is mysterious Graham hiding another huge secret?

Emmerdale’s resident Man of Mystery Graham Foster could be hiding another whooping secret.

He recently murdered the closest thing he’s ever had to a son Joe Tate (yes, it’s complicated), but could his REAL son be about to arrive in the village?

Joe Tate and Graham Foster
I’m going to kill you, but cry a bit afterwards (Credit: ITV)

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Soap fans believe ITV dropped a clue this week that Kim Tate’s missing son James could actually be Graham’s child, too.

On Tuesday (16 October), super-stoic Graham relaxed his usual have-no-mercy demeanour when he was seen providing support for young Noah Dingle.

Left without his big brother and a home to live in, he has every reason to be feeling blue.

Noah Dingle Emmerdale
Noah is missing his big bro (Credit: ITV)

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In a touching scene, Graham shared stories of Joe as a teenager and then gave Noah his brother’s cufflinks, which once belonged to Chris Tate.

Graham was later seen searching for James Francis Tate in the electoral poll register online – but he quickly cut short his search when Priya returned to Home Farm.

Kim Tate returned to Emmerdale in explosive episodes last week, which saw Joe Tate murdered and Kim return to jail.

Emmerdale SPOILER: Kim Tate's evil henchman Vincent to arrive
She’s back with a vengeance! (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know that before she returned to prison, Kim begged Graham to help her find her son.

Fans also know that Graham and Kim have had a sexual relationship “spanning decades”, with Graham revealing he’s always loved Kim.

So could Graham actually be James’ secret dad?

Kim discovered she was pregnant in December 1995, when she was married to Frank Tate.

Meanwhile, Graham’s own wife and unborn child were killed in a car crash which a drunken Graham was responsible for – leaving him apparently childless.

It’s no secret that James is rumoured to be following his mum to Emmerdale, after the announcement that Kim will return in the New Year.

Actress Claire King recently told that her full-time return to the soap next year could see Kim’s estranged son James making a dramatic entrance to the show and that he could be the next Joe Tate.

Claire explained what she thought her on-screen son would look like: “He’s bound to be young, glamorous and gorgeous, isn’t he?

“They’re probably going to bring that kind of character in to replace Ned Porteous I imagine – he’s bound to be a good-looking boy.”

Emmerdale's James Tate for shock return with mother Kim?
Kim is now estranged from her son (Credit: ITV)

The last time we saw James on screen, he was just a baby – leaving Emmerdale with Kim as part of her dramatic helicopter exit back in 1999.

James would now be a 22-year-old, but only time will tell what sort of man he has grown into.

Or, indeed, if he bears a striking resemblance to Graham…

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