Emmerdale: Horror for Jimmy and Nicola as Carl is kidnapped

Carl is Jimmy's youngest son

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Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw has revealed that Jimmy and Nicola’s son Carl will be kidnapped this year.

The couple are set for a new storyline this year which sees a stalker watch their home. Jimmy’s son and Nicola’s stepson Carl will end up being taken.

Emmerdale: A storyline for Jimmy and Nicola

Producer Laura revealed that the Mandy, Paul and Vinny storyline would take off in a big way later this year. However Jimmy and Nicola will become embroiled into it.

Jimmy and Nicola’s storyline will cross over with Mandy and Paul’s story (Credit: ITV)

Speaking about what’s to come, Laura told Entertainment Daily and other media: “There’s also a testing time on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola and their story is actually going to cross into the Mandy and Paul story in quite a shocking way.

“The audience will see that Jimmy and Nicola are being secretly watched. But who by?

“And the couple are going to be frantic when Carl goes missing. Who’s taken him?”

The couple are going to be frantic when Carl goes missing.

Carl is Jimmy’s son and Nicola’s stepson (Credit: ITV)

She added: “What starts off seeming like a relatively small thing, that will turn into the biggest test we’ve seen of their marriage and their whole family really.

“With betrayals of trust on both sides, it’s going to lead to lives being changed forever.”

Emmerdale: Who is Carl? Who are his parents?

Carl Holliday is the biological son of Jimmy King and Juliette Holliday.

Carl was conceived after a mix up at the fertility clinic which meant that Juliette was given the wrong man’s sperm.

In 2014, a pregnant Juliette tracked down Jimmy so he could sign the papers that waved  the rights to his unborn baby. But she ended up going into labour at Jimmy’s house.

Juliette is Carl’s biological mum (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Juliette initially allowed Jimmy to see his son. But that stopped when she reconciled with her estranged husband Greg and they decided to be a family,

In January 2016, Jimmy called Juliette to check on Carl. Juliette turned up in the village and gave Carl to Jimmy, explaining her husband left him again.

Jimmy and Nicola agreed to look after him until Juliette got her life back on track.

A few weeks later, Juliette agreed to give Jimmy parental responsibility as Carl was staying with him on a more permanent basis.

Could Juliette be the one who kidnaps Carl? Or is it someone else?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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