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Emmerdale: Has Noah left the village for good?

Noah ran away after his plea hearing

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Emmerdale character Noah was in court tonight (Thursday, May 26) for his plea hearing.

He pleaded guilty to harassment and breaking and entering. Although he seemed like he was going to take responsibility for his actions, he ended up packing a bag and leaving the village.

Has Noah gone for good?

Noah has been terrorising Chloe for months (Credit: ITV)
Noah had been stalking Chloe (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Noah stalking Chloe Harris

A couple of months ago Noah began stalking his ex-girlfriend Chloe Harris.

He was tracking her phone, using a drone to spy on her and broke into her bedroom to put a microphone in there and record her conversations.

When Chloe found out he had been up to, Noah tried to stop her leaving his house.

However his mum Charity walked in and stopped him.

Despite Charity begging Chloe not to go to the police, she soon realised Noah needed to be punished and reported him to police.

Noah was charged with harassment and breaking and entering.

In tonight’s episode, Noah had his plea hearing.

Emmerdale nervous Noah appears in court
Noah pleaded guilty (Credit: ITV)

After a run in with Amy, who lives with Chloe, he told Charity he wanted to run away.

Soon Noah’s niece, Sarah, tried to speak some sense into him.

She told him he needed to plead guilty and face the consequences of his actions.

Noah said to Sarah he was going to run away, but she told him the police would find him.

It looked like Sarah managed to talk sense into Noah and he agreed to go to court, but only wanted Charity to come.

In court, Noah finally pleaded guilty after messing the judge around.

Back at home he told Mack he was hurt by Charity turning him in, but it looked like he was finally going to own up to his actions.

Sarah told Noah he could be really lovely and wanted him to be like that all the time.

Noah went to go see Chloe and apologised for his actions.

He then told her if she was asked to do a victim impact statement then to say how he really made her feel and not hold it in.

Emmerdale Charity is appalled when Noah says he doesn't want to plead guilty
Noah wanted to run away (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Has Noah left for good?

Later he told Charity he was going to have a barbeque with Samson.

But as he left he grabbed a bag from the bin and appeared to be walking out of the village.

Has Noah left Emmerdale for good?

The answer is no, as it looks like Noah will be back in the village by next week.

Charity looking worried in Emmerdale
Charity is upset when Noah rejects her (Credit: ITV)

What happens next for Noah?

In next week’s scenes Pollard refuses to give Noah any shifts at the B&B.

Mack steps in and tries to stick up for Noah, meanwhile an eavesdropping Charity is grateful to see Mack publicly defending her son.

She thanks Mack for sticking up for Noah and they agree to put their argument to one side.

The next day Charity is shocked to learn that Noah’s court date for his sentencing has been confirmed for next week.

She’s upset at the distance between her and her son.

However when she tries to reassure Noah that she’ll always be there for him, he rejects her.

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