Maya Jacob kiss Emmerdale

Emmerdale: Has Maya Stepney groomed before?

Maya showed her nasty side to Jacob this week...

Emmerdale fans have watched in horror as Maya Stepney has groomed young teenager Jacob Gallagher over the past few months.

In a shocking abuse of teacher/child trust, Maya has sickened ITV viewers as she’s taken advantage of his schoolboy crush on her.

Maya Jacob kiss Emmerdale
No, no, no! (Credit: ITV)

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In uncomfortable and cringeworthy scenes this month, Maya and Jacob have even shared not one, but two kisses – leading shocked fans to brand Maya a paedophile and groomer.

And some watchers believe it’s even worse – predicting she’s done it before!

In icky scenes earlier this week, Maya was seen toying with Jacob’s affections, even telling him she enjoyed spending time with him and adding that she missed him when he wasn’t around.

Maya and Jacob
Maya has emotionally blackmailed Jacob into keeping quiet (Credit: ITV)

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Worse came last night (Wednesday 19 December), when Jacob was left in tears over Maya’s cruel words.

She lashed out at Jacob after she discovered he had confided in Ellis about their relationship…

While Jacob hadn’t revealed who it was that he liked, he’d told Ellis that it was an older woman he had kissed twice.

Understandably, Ellis was worried about what he’d heard and later told David about what Jacob had said – while Maya was there. EEK!

emmerdale maya nasty
Maya showed her nasty side when she turned it all around on Jacob (Credit: ITV)

Later, Maya blamed Jacob, turning everything around on the poor teenager and making HIM out to be the one in the wrong.

Fans were disgusted by Maya’s behaviour, and many believe Jacob isn’t her first victim.

One Twitter user wrote: “This is so hard to watch. Maya is a predator – from the way she was talking, she’s obviously done this before. #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Maya has DEFINITELY targeted underage boys before. She’s evil.”

A third has said: “That Jacob and Maya scene. Yikes!! She def knows what she’s doing.”

“Wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the first time Maya has groomed someone,” thought another. “But who is next on the list after Jacob?”

Emmerdale producers have consulted with survivors of sexual abuse for the soap’s dark storyline, which is set to get even darker over the festive period.

Jacob and history teacher Maya kiss again on Christmas Day – and are almost caught by his step-dad David!

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