Emmerdale FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Andrea's back and Harriet's got a dilemma...

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Emmerdale is back to normal episodes next week after the lockdown specials.

It airs the return – and then second disappearance – of Andrea Tate. What game is she playing now?

Meanwhile, Harriet is stuck when Will wants to move forward with the wedding, but all she can think about is the excitement of Malone.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Andrea is found

Emmerdale Andrea found

Andrea is still hiding out at a hotel, but when a police officer arrives, she assures them she is safe and well.

Back at Home Farm, Jamie is frustrated when the police can’t disclose Andrea’s whereabouts.

2. Leyla meets Andrea

Leyla receives a call from Andrea and meets her at the hotel.

As she drives away from the village, a mystery figure is watching her.

It’s Kim, who follows Leyla inside with fierce determination, but will she find Andrea?

3. Andrea returns

Emmerdale Andrea back

Leyla tells Andrea she’ll pay her hotel bill as long as Andrea returns home.

Andrea agrees and Leyla drives her back home.

But Andrea arrives just in time to see Jamie and Belle declaring their love for each other.

Her worst fears confirmed, Andrea tells Leyla she can’t stay…

4. Andrea goes missing – again

Andrea leaves the village after witnessing Belle and Jamie together.

Later, Jamie is stunned to find Millie in the kitchen alone.

Andrea is nowhere to be seen – where is she?

5. Harriet confesses

Will suggests to Harriet they meet the bishop to fix a date for the wedding, but he’s confused over her reaction.

Harriet meets up with Laurel in the cafe and she finally admits she’s having reservations about marrying Will.

Can Laurel help her friend?

6. Harriet can’t resist Malone

Harriet meets Malone in the church and tells him she doesn’t want him around any more. However, he makes it clear he’s staying.

Harriet is uneasy after his threats, but she’s also excited by the danger of him…

Eventually she succumbs to Malone’s charms while Will is waiting for her with the bishop!

7. Moira moves on?

Ricky and Moira bump into each other in the shop.

Soon, Nate and Rhona panic when Ricky says Moira will join them for the meeting.

Is their secret partnership about to be discovered?

Meanwhile, Moira enjoys it when Ricky flirts with her.

Cain is left secretly gutted when Chas tells him Moira is interested in Ricky.

Will he do something about it at last?

8. Mandy harbouring feelings for Paul?

Lydia suggests organising a fundraising event and Paul offers to help.

Meanwhile, Vinny hopes Paul and Mandy have turned a corner.

But Lydia is suspicious Mandy is still harbouring secret feelings for Paul.

Is she in love with her ex?

Next week, Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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