Emmerdale FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Things aren't looking good for Moira and Cain

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Emmerdale next week sees relationships on the rocks. Moira and Cain argue again, while Harriet gets hot and heavy with Malone.

Elsewhere, things aren’t looking good for Leyla and Liam.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Moira and Cain’s reunion dashed?

Moira and Cain continue to discuss their divorce and they soon find they’ve slipped back into easy banter.

However, it’s not long before an argument breaks out and the moment is shattered.

Will the couple decide divorce is for the best after all?

2. Things hot up for Harriet and Malone

Harriet and Malone continue to argue. She’s annoyed and he offers to leave, but soon things take a turn…

As Dawn arrives at the church, Malone is buttoning his shirt up having just been intimate with Harriet.

Dawn doesn’t see anything, but Harriet still tells Malone it was a mistake.

Harriet is full of self-loathing after sleeping with Malone, but when he texts asking to meet again, how will she respond?

Meanwhile, Will’s hopeful he can win Harriet back even though she’s distant with him.

But will his attempts push her further into Malone’s arms?

3. Charity needs help

Charity demands Priya give her info on Rakesh and Kirin, but Priya has no idea where they are.

Wanting to keep her stress levels low, Charity lies to Vanessa it’s all sorted, however she later confides in Rhona there’s a problem.

Johnny’s father needs to agree to Charity adopting Johnny, so they need to find Kirin quick otherwise their plans will fall apart.

4. Things get worse for Liam and Leanna

Liam and Leanna have plans for a make-up dinner, but Leanna is late and fumes when she finds Liam with Leyla.

Liam takes his frustrations out on Leyla and she is worried about the future for their relationship.

5. Leyla’s business trashed

As Leanna’s hatred for her deepends, Leyla is shocked when she arrives at Take A Vow to find it trashed.

Knowing exactly who to blame, Leyla is on the warpath, but has she got the right culprit?

6. Jai shuts down Al

Jai refuses to talk to Al about Priya and tells his boss they will only discuss work matters from now on.

Meanwhile, Ellis is hurt when he sees Al and Priya together, annoyed he’s the last to know.

7. Mandy wants answers

Mandy is unsure when Vinny raves about his new friend ‘Alex’. Neither of them have any idea Alex is actually Vinny’s dad, Paul.

Mandy is suspicious and wants to make sure Vinny’s not being used.

She is stunned by Lydia’s theory Alex might actually be a woman and they both wonder if Vinny’s so excited because he has a crush.

Mandy decides to do some digging on social media.

But will she find out the truth about who ‘Alex’ really is?

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