Emmerdale FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Arthur and Archie get in more trouble

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Emmerdale sees the feud between Archie and Arthur cause more trouble next week.

Plus, Andrea is determined to win her man back from Belle, and Chas is a support to Paddy as he finally agrees to seek help for his anxiety battle.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Archie and Arthur in danger?

There’s still tension between Archie and Arthur and a camping trip to celebrate Rishi’s 70th birthday sees things come to a head.

A game of rounders leaves Arthur bitter when Archie is teamed up with Laurel.

Meanwhile, Archie relishes the attention he’s getting.

As Arthur gets angrier, things are about to take a dangerous turn…

The campfire is ready to light, but only Archie and Arthur are present.

What trouble will the boys cause now?

2. Andrea plots to get her man back

Belle and Jamie share a drink at the Woolpack having just had sex.

Andrea spots them and decides to make it uncomfortable.

She sits down and insists she and Jamie need a holiday.

Belle is unhappy at the thought of them going on a romantic break, but Jamie promises to get out of it.

Andrea later tells Belle their holiday is on and enjoys seeing Belle squirm.

Has Andrea won this round?

3. Chas supports Paddy

Paddy shouts at baby Eve, shocking both him and Chas, but Chas is understanding and tries to talk to him about how he is feeling

He agrees to seek professional help to deal with his anxiety.

4. Malone arrests Billy and Cain?

Cain refuses to accept payment for the courier job, but Billy is on edge.

On the way home, they are alarmed when a police car pulls them over and Malone is inside.

As Malone orders a search of the car, Billy and Cain are fuming to realise they’ve been set up.

Will Malone see them jailed or is this just another game from the corrupt cop?

5. Will beaten up

Harriet and Dawn are worried when Will hasn’t returned home.

With no idea what’s been going on, Harriet is stunned when Will falls through the door, having been beaten to a pulp.

They get him to hospital, but Harriet wants answers as he recovers.

Will she put herself in danger to get them, though?

6. Dan has a set back

Dan is adamant he doesn’t need Amelia’s help.

But when he falls out of his wheelchair, it’s soon clear this is another painful set back.

Will he finally let his daughter care for him?

7. Priya and Al grow closer

Priya is disappointed  she has to go to Rishi’s camping party rather than spend time with Al.

But Al soon engineers it so that she doesn’t have to attend the party at all.

8. Victoria looks to the future

Wendy is enthusiastic when Victoria leaves her alone with Harry.

Meanwhile, Vic is excited about her new job at HOP.

She breaks the news to Luke, but how will he take it?

Emmerdale is on next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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