Emmerdale fave Cain has upset fans over his treatment of Nate and refusal to forgive Faith

Cain wasn't happy to see his mum had returned

Emmerdale fans have said they’ve ‘gone off Cain’ as he turned on his son Nate and refused to forgive his mum Faith.

Last week, Nate’s girlfriend Tracy went into labour. Panicking and unsure of how to help, Nate stepped out of the labour room.

Nate was panicking when Tracy went into labour (Credit: ITV)

He was surprised to see his dad Cain was still there. Cain and Nate had a heart to heart and soon Nate headed back into the labour room and saw the birth of his daughter.

However when Cain returned home, he discovered Faith was back in the village.

Emmerdale: Why did Cain want Faith to leave the village?

In October 2019, Cain discovered Moira had been having an affair with farmhand Nate. Nate revealed to Cain he was his son and the affair was revenge for him abandoning him and his mother.

But Cain had no idea Nate existed. Eventually Faith revealed that in the 90s, she discovered Cain’s then girlfriend Cara was pregnant.

Faith is back (Credit: ITV)

But she asked her to keep the baby a secret from Cain and leave. This was because Cain’s dad (who was later revealed to be his uncle) Shadrach, was racist.

After finding out Faith knew Cain had a son and never told him, he told her to lave the village.

The Dingle court

With Faith back, the Dingle family decided to hold a Dingle court to see if she could stay. But it ended up being a tie and Nate got the deciding vote.

Cain was not happy to see his mum had returned (Credit: ITV)

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He decided to let Faith stay. He explained to his family that he needed to forgive her, as he wouldn’t have his Dingle family had Cain not made the decision to forgive him.

Cain was furious with Nate’s decision. But fans didn’t agree with Cain and turned on him, calling him a ‘bully.’

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Cain refused to forgive Faith for her actions. Will he ever come around?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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