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Emmerdale fans warn Gabby to ‘lock her doors’ fearing she could be Meena’s next victim

Meena has killed three people

Emmerdale fans have been left fearing new mum Gabby could be Meena‘s next victim after their conversation in last night’s episode (Tuesday, November 23).

Viewers know Meena has now murdered three people, one of which being Gabby’s friend Leanna Cavanagh. However residents have no idea about the crimes Meena has committed.

Earlier this week, Meena went on a date with Billy, but it was interrupted by his ex-girlfriend Dawn.

Meena went out with Billy but wasn’t happy when Dawn joined them (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans fear for Gabby

In last night’s scenes Meena began plotting to keep Billy and Dawn apart and it all started when Meena saw Gabby in the cafe.

After Billy, Dawn dated Jamie, who is the father of Gabby’s newborn son, Thomas. Meena set her sights on Gabby and pretended to run into her.

Meena approached Gabby for information (Credit: ITV)

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Meena started a conversation about Jamie and said it was probably best he wasn’t around as he messed Gabby around with Dawn, even though Dawn’s heart was with Billy all along.

Confused, Gabby asked why Meena was asking questions. Meena told her she was interested in relationships and wanted to know why Dawn and Billy split.

Gabby agreed to tell her what she knows, however fans have warned Gabby about close to Meena, telling her to ‘lock her doors,’

Meena plots to keep Billy and Dawn apart

Later Meena told Dawn that Billy still had feelings for him and her being friendly was giving him the wrong idea.

Dawn told Billy that nothing more would ever happen between them.

Meena has set her sights on Billy (Credit: ITV)

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Later Meena went to see Billy again and the two ended up sharing a kiss. Has her plan to keep Billy and Dawn apart worked?

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