Victoria Sugden won't testify in court Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans upset as Victoria refuses to defend Robert in court

He faces life imprisonment

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Victoria Sugden has made a difficult decision about her brother Robert’s upcoming court battle – and some Emmerdale fans are horrified by the choice she has made.

On Wednesday night (September 4), Victoria told her brother that she had decided NOT to testify in court.

Victoria Sugden won't testify in court Emmerdale
Vic was in tears as she announced her decision (Credit: ITV)

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And Robert knows this means he’ll most likely be found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Victoria realised she couldn’t stand up in court and tell a jury that she’d seen Lee attack Robert first, because she would be lying.

In distressing scenes, Victoria told her shocked brother that lying would make her as bad as Lee.

Victoria Sugden won't testify in court Emmerdale
Aaron, Robert and Liv were horrified at Vic’s news (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Robert is facing life imprisonment after attacking Lee and putting him in a coma.

Robert hit Lee over the head, after the rapist goaded him about his sister and tried to extort money out of the family.

However, when Lee woke up, he accused Robert of grievous bodily harm with intent, and claimed the Sugden siblings had a sick vendetta against him.

Robert attacked Lee Emmerdale
Lee has ruined Vic’s life and is trying to ruin Robert’s too (Credit: ITV)

Some of those watching from home desperately want Victoria to stand up for her brother in court – even if it means telling a little white lie!

One wrote: “I can’t believe that Victoria is even questioning it. If it was the other way round, Robert would do whatever it takes to support her, shame the feeling isn’t mutual.”

Another said: “Robert would do anything to protect Vic. She knows why he attacked Lee. You’ve succeeded in making Vic a completely unsympathetic character and that’s after her suffering a huge trauma – her character is ruined.

“Robert deserves better, I’m glad he still has a loyal sister in Liv.”

A third typed: “Just think of all the women you’ll save from this sick [bleep]. It’s not all about you Vic. Do the Emmerdale world and your fandom (what you’ve got left of it) a favour and support your brother.”

This would make Victoria the hero to save the world from Lee,” said one more.

“Maybe Victoria will see sense and do the right thing to support Robert in this story. Yes Robert has done bad things before but, this time, Robert deserves to be defended by Victoria in this case.”

However others sided with Victoria, with one writing: “I love Vic more for this. It’s nice to see someone have some morality on the show. It’s particularly interesting that it’s against Robert, who has no regard for anyone except himself.”

Another agreed, typing: “Vic’s doing the right thing. She’s gone through enough. Robert only has himself to blame.”

One more said Vic was “prioritising her child over someone who expects her to put herself in more danger for him”.

Will Robert be sent down for life? With actor Ryan Hawley leaving the show this year, it seems quite possible!

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