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Sunday 31st May 2020

Emmerdale fans unhappy over Aaron Dingle bad boy plot

Back to his bad boy ways...

A year ago, Emmerdale couple Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden had just got married and would soon think about asking a surrogate to have their baby.

The pair were in love, and Aaron was a transformed character from his bad boy past - more concerned with being a father figure rather than causing trouble.

Robert and Aaron married at a pagoda outside the village hall (Credit: ITV)

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But, in 12 months, their relationship has been turned on its head - and Aaron is once again up to his old tricks.

And soap fans aren't happy - accusing the plots of being "idiotic" and "lazy".

On Wednesday night (November 6), fans were appalled when Robert filed for divorce just days after being sent to jail, and Aaron was seen going off the rails with fellow bad lad Cain Dingle.

Aaron received divorce papers in the post (Credit: ITV)

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In scenes that baffled many viewers, Aaron received a letter from Robert's solicitor asking for a divorce.

Robert is currently in a prison on the Isle of Wight serving a life sentence for attacking sister Victoria's rapist Lee Posner, who died from the attack.

To ruin so many characters in such a short time is the most idiotic thing I've ever seen on soaps.

Robert, who won't be getting out for 14 years, has made it clear to Aaron that their marriage is over by severing contact. 

Emmerdale fans were heartbroken as Robert secretly dumped Aaron in his final scenes (Credit: ITV)

As Aaron broke down in tears, and started smashing up photos of the pair and throwing out some of Robert's clothes, fans were incredulous with one tweeting: "Remember Robert's chat to Seb regarding him helping keep Daddy Aaron focused and stopping him getting sick. Now three days after first visit he wants a divorce?

"You don't know #Robron or other characters anymore do you? Some writers/producers need to be fired now. Plot holes galore. ITV, please fix it."

Another said: "Storyline just gets more and more bizarre and pathetic he's been gone two minutes and now divorce they need new writers asap."

A third fumed: "You guys are gonna lose a lot of viewers if you don't stop with these ridiculous divorce storylines a week or two after Robert left."

"I remember when Emmerdale used to be good, not anymore," wrote one more. "Lazy storytelling and trashing the most popular coupling you've ever had. You have no imagination."

Some questioned how Robert had filed for divorce so soon, and many more said they would no longer be watching the soap.

In later scenes, Aaron found his uncle Cain - also heartbroken after his own marriage breakdown - in the middle of planning a heist and Aaron said that he wanted in.

He told Cain: "Yeah, well, I get why you want to do this job. Because where does being good get you? You don't have to worry about me telling anybody. Because I want in."

Again fans were frustrated, with one tweeting: "No I don't like this set up, please scriptwriters. Get your act together and stop splitting up couples who are great together, and stop these stupid crime ring stories. It's falling away from the lovely stories you have done in the past, with a bit of comedy in."

Another said: "The actor left and Rob's in prison until Ryan returns or you do a recast, but to ruin so many characters in such a short time is the most idiotic thing I've ever seen on soaps."

A third seethed: "So what next? You're going to have him lose the scrapyard and the mill so the erasure of five years of Aaron's character growth is complete?"

"Kiss goodbye to all your awards," typed another.

Some, though, welcomed the Cain and Aaron pairing and the mischief it will bring. And spoilers tell us Cain and Aaron's union doesn't end well...

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