Emmerdale SPOILER: Charity Dingle ordered to leave secret son Ryan Stocks alone

Emmerdale fans totally gutted as Charity drops case against DI Bails

The rapist will get away with it again...

Emmerdale fans gasped over their cuppas last night, as Charity made the shocking decision NOT to stand against DI Mark Bails in court.

After months of building herself up to give evidence against her groomer and rapist, she did a total U-turn – believing it was the right thing to do for her family…

No, Charity, no!

Charity confronted vile DI Bails, but he got the upper hand (Credit: ITV)

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In scenes shown on Wednesday night (29 August), the fierce matriarch made the surprising decision to drop the case against Bails after being manipulated by the predatory police officer. AGAIN!

Charity had been horrified when Bails made contact with her son Ryan Stocks, and then proceeded to tell Ryan a pack of lies about his mum…

The corrupt cop accused Charity of enticing him and swore he was guilty of the crimes she’s accused him of.

Bails filled Ryan’s head with lies… (Credit: ITV)

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After pleading his case, the lowlife even used the fact that Charity hasn’t yet invited Ryan to meet the rest of the Dingles to his advantage.

Even worse, Bails invited Ryan to be a part of his ‘happy’ family.

After spinning his yarns to Ryan, he left – but not before warning Charity that she’d never be able to convince a jury of his guilt.

Charity can’t face the trail after all (Credit: ITV)

With the seed of doubt in her mind, and reluctant to drag her family into it, Charity told partner Vanessa she planned to drop the case.

She said: “I can’t do any of this. There’s too many people getting hurt. I’m going to pull out of the court case.”

But will Charity really let Bails get away with his crimes? Or can Vanessa persuade her to seek justice?

And surely sparky Ryan isn’t as easily fooled as all that?

Fans gathered on social media to despair at Charity’s decision, with one writing: “Charity babe no that’s exactly wat bails wants, thats y hes messing with ryans head 2 @emmerdale i know we get courtcase but pls 4once let charity win&let bails get found guilty.”

Another blasted: “Please don’t muck about with this, give Charity her justice!”

A third said: “Charity, don’t you pull out! Because then Bails will win and you are stronger than that after all you are a Dingle!”

Many more were livid with Bails, declaring that even if Charity DID chase him (which she didn’t), it would still be rape as she was only 14.

Will viewers get what they want – a trial and a rapist bought to justice?

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