Emmerdale fans think they’ve worked out character’s secret

And it's not good news for Belle Dingle

Emmerdale fans think they’ve worked out the dark secret of one of the locals – and it’s bad news for Belle Dingle.

Obviously not thinking the blonde beauty has been through enough with her ordeal at the hands of killer Lachlan White, they now think that someone in the village is after her blood.

What’s Jessie hiding from Marlon? (Credit: ITV)

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And that someone is Marlon Dingle’s girlfriend, head teacher of Hotton Academy Jessie Grant.

Okay, for this one to make sense you need to cast your mind back four years to 2014 when Belle accidentally killed her best friend.

Yeah, that happened.

During a row with BFF Gemma Andrews over Belle getting close to Sean Spicer, Belle shoved Gemma over.

The teen then fell and hit her head, pretty darned hard as she ended up dying later in hospital.

Back to the present day and Jessie recently revealed to her newly arrived son Ellis, that she hadn’t told Marlon something and only planned to if she really had to.

Gemma Andrews and Belle Dingle in Emmerdale

Gulp. But what could this something be?

Well Dales fans think that Jessie could be the mum of tragic Gemma who never appeared onscreen as the schoolgirl lived with her dad Dom.

All we know about Gemma’s mum is that she ran out on Gemma and Dom when Gemma was young.

And viewers think she’s in the village with an agenda – to get revenge on Belle for killing her daughter.

“I bet Jessie’s daughter was Gemma and she wants to get revenge on Belle,” predicted one fan

Another concurred adding: “I bet Jessie daughter was the girl belle killed.”

One fan slammed the plot for being too ridiculous after everything Belle has just been through with killer boyfriend Lachlan.

Belle managed to escape the murderer’s clutches in tense scenes last week as he was finally caught and arrested on suspicion of murder.

But Lachlan is still remaining tight-lipped over the fate of his aunt Rebecca White whose body has yet to be found after he appeared to smother her last month.

Belle struggled with learning Lachlan is a killer (Credit: ITV)

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Trying to make a deal with the police, Lachlan cruelly told them he’d only reveal where the blonde heiress is if Belle comes to see him in remand.

Belle tried but found the thought of coming face to face with her killer ex too much and fled the prison.

Will Lachlan reveal where Rebecca – or what’s left of her – is any time soon?

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Emmerdale continues Monday at 7pm on ITV

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