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Emmerdale fans think they’ve figured out who will buy the Woolpack

The Woolpack is up for auction

Emmerdale fans think they’ve figured out who will buy the Woolpack after Gavin pulled out of the deal.

Fans know that Al caused the Woolpack fire on Christmas Day to try and get Chas and Marlon to sell their shares, so he can sell it to Gavin to turn into flats.

After the fire Chas and Marlon realised they had no choice but to sell, but weren’t happy about the changes being made to their contract with Gavin.

However when Cain got involved and accused Gavin of having something to do with the fire, he became fed up and told Al he was pulling out of the deal.

Emmerdale Wed 5 Jan Cain is horrified to find Al watching over Kyle
Fans think Cain will buy the Woolpack (Credit: ITV)

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He expects Al to pay him money back he’d already spent on the development.

Meanwhile Chas and Marlon were furious with Cain for ruining the deal.

Now fans are predicting that Cain will buy the Woolpack.

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Who buys the Woolpack?

It has not been revealed who will buy the Woolpack, but next week the auction for the pub begins.

Charity finds out Kim is likely putting in a bid for the Woolpack and breaks the news to Chas.

On the day of the auction Chas initially refuses to go not wanting to see Kim get the pub.

Soon Charity hits a nerve which emboldens Chas to attend after all.

At the auction, just as an auctioneer is ready to sell the Woolpack to the highest bid, Cain shoots his hand up and bids.

Who will buy the Woolpack? (Credit: ITV)

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It’s tense for Moira who is relieved when Cain is outbid by an online bidder.

The pub is sold to a mystery online bidder and Marlon and Chas are interested to know who the new owner is.

Faith fails to get the name from the auctioneer but is informed that they want to meet Chas and Marlon in person. Chas is fearful who the mystery buyer is.

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