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Monday 13th July 2020

Emmerdale fans think Nate was KILLED

Nate looked to be in dire straits and no-one realised

Fans of Emmerdale think Nate Robinson was killed on Friday night - and no-one realised.

Cain Dingle's secret son had seduced his stepmum Moira Barton before revealing himself as Cain's son, to huge drama.

Moira got her shotgun out before threatening Nate (Credit: ITV)

But on Friday night's episode, viewers were left confused after Moira took revenge on the scheming farmhand.

He walked into her house while she was an emotional wreck about her destroyed life, but she did not want to see him.

"I want to apologise, Moira, I just want to explain," he said as she demanded he leave.

"I should never have lied to you, I just wanted to make him pay."

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But as he refused to go Moira took drastic action and grabbed a conveniently placed shotgun within seconds.

Taking aim at Nate she warned him to keep apologising before the scene came to an end.

Viewers were then confused by what happened next as Moira was shown driving her tractor at Nate's caravan and destroying it.

Nate looked terrified by Moira's actions (Credit: ITV)

She smashed it to pieces but then a bigger shock came as Nate was seen unconscious in the back of a car, leaving other viewers to worry he had been killed.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one said: "My [thoughts] were that Cain's got to him first and he was unconscious on the back seat about to be taken by Cain to a seaside cliff somewhere!"

Another said: "My first thought was that it was faith that had killed him and was using Eric's car to make a getaway."

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A third added: "Looking through TV pages for next week, it looks like he will have vanished with no explanation."

There has been no word from Emmerdale about the aftermath of last week's explosive scenes.

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