Emmerdale: Fans suspect Gabby Thomas is lying about being pregnant

Fans think this could be another of Gabby's schemes

Emmerdale fans suspect Gabby Thomas is lying about being pregnant.

A few weeks ago, Gabby ended up spending the night with Jamie Tate and he cruelly rejected her afterwards.

But in last week’s scenes she discovered she is pregnant. After taking a test, which came out positive, she told Jamie she was pregnant with his child.

Gabby told Jamie she’s pregnant. But he didn’t react well (Credit: ITV)

However he didn’t react well, telling her to get a termination.

Gabby decided to tell Jamie’s mum Kim about the pregnancy and Gabby told him she would be keeping their child.

In last night’s episode (Monday, February 22) Gabby went around to Home Farm and Jamie agreed to be there for the baby and support her.

Later Kim came home and was surprised to see Gabby and Jamie getting on.

When Kim asked what was going on Gabby told her Jamie agreed to be there for her and the baby.

Kim wants Jamie and Gabby to be together (Credit: ITV)

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She asked if it meant that he and Gabby were going to be together and she said they agreed they both didn’t want that.

Kim the responded saying: “You had my hopes up you might be a little family” and Gabby said: “Yeah well family usually includes a child and we’re a few months off that yet.”

Gabby and Kim then smiled at each other.

But this has left some viewers wondering if Gabby is actually pregnant.

Emmerdale: What’s next for Gabby?

In next week’s scenes, Jamie feels trapped as Gabby plans to cook them a meal that night, making the most out of living at Home Farm.

Something tells me Gabby is not really pregnant.

Soon Dawn finds out about Gabby being pregnant with Jamie’s child and confronts him. Despite him telling her how much he loves her, she tells him it’s over between them.

Dawn finds out Gabby is pregnant with Jamie’s child. But she doesn’t react well (Credit: ITV)

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Mackenzie soon comes up with a plan for Jamie that would help him resolve all of his problems…

Jamie is sickened by the idea, but aware of the benefits. He wonders if he can really go through with such a sick plan.

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