Emmerdale fans spot something wrong with Maya’s face

The strain is getting to her!

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For a moment in tonight’s visit to Emmerdale it appeared that Maya might be about to confess to her sordid relationship with Jacob.

But viewers were distracted by something else… Her face. She looked absolutely exhausted, ill even…

Fans were quick to point it out on Twitter…

One echoed the thoughts of others pointing out she looked very tired…

Another settled on a general ‘rough’…

Some others suggested she was on drugs!

Another speculated about pregnancy!

With the strain of her grooming Jacob possibly about to be exposed by Liv hanging over, all of the above could be plausible for the unhinged character!

Meanwhile, the odd couple looked backed into a corner after the schoolboy was caught red-handed with Val’s ring, which he had stolen to cover, in part, Liv’s bribe.

Unfortunately for him, on two counts, he learned in this episode that David was going to propose to Maya… and he wanted to use Val’s ring.

As he went to retrieve it, he was intercepted by granddad Eric. When Jacob refused to explain why he’d taken it, Eric dragged him to see dad David, threatening the police.

Eric was furious with Jacob (Credit: ITV)

As Jacob was facing the Spanish inquisition, Maya walked in and said she could explain what was going on.

Fans’ breaths were held as we prepared for her to drop the bombshell she had been bedding the teenager.

But then… well, THEN… she spun some yarn about Jacob having got caught up with the wrong gang, and he keeps spending money to impress them…

David was furious she had kept this (lie) from him, but Pollard agreed to keep the police out of it.

Viewers were disgusted by the schoolteacher’s latest behaviour, more so when she then threatened to destroy Liv’s life…

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