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Emmerdale fans slam ‘nasty’ Liv over her treatment of Vinny

Liv is in prison for a crime she didn't commit

Emmerdale fans have slammed Liv after she exploded at Vinny and told him to stop visiting her in last night’s episode (Tuesday, January 18).

Liv was charged for the murder of Ben Tucker and was sent to prison before her trial.

Last week, Vinny found out from Manpreet that it was Meena who killed Ben, as well as Andrea and Leanna.

Emmerdale spoilers: Liv is trapped behind bars in Emmerdale for a crime Meena committed (Credit: ITV)
Liv is trapped behind bars in Emmerdale for a crime Meena committed (Credit: ITV)

After Liam managed to get Vinny and Manpreet out of danger from Meena, Vinny spoke to police, but because he didn’t hear Meena admit that she killed Ben and Manpreet is still unconscious, police can’t release Liv.

Earlier this week, Liv was beat up by her cellmate and in last night’s episode it was revealed she and been taken into hospital.

Emmerdale fans slam ‘nasty’ Liv as she explodes at Vinny

Vinny went to visit her she admitted she needed a drink and when she couldn’t get one she deliberately pushed Mel into beating her up so she could forget she’s potentially facing spending the rest of her life in prison.

Vinny tried to give Liv hope but she pointed out everything rested on Manpreet, who’s in a coma.

She said she didn’t like her odds, not with Vinny in her corner.

Liv seems to have given up hope (Credit: ITV)

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Vinny encouraged her to stay positive, but Liv laid into him saying he was making things worse for her.

She then told him she couldn’t stand him being there and threatened to tell the guards he’d been harassing her.

Liv warned him to stay away, but fans were furious with her for how she was treating Vinny, who only wanted to help.

However some fans felt bad for Liv saying it’s clear she’s lost hope at being freed.

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