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Emmerdale fans slam ‘hypocrite’ Kerry for seeking revenge on Noah

Kerry was furious with Noah

Emmerdale fans have slammed Kerry Wyatt branding her a ‘hypocrite’ for seeking revenge on Noah Dingle.

Kerry was disgusted when she found out Noah had been stalking teenager, Chloe Harris.

Wanting to protect Chloe, Kerry sought out revenge on Noah by pushing him into an empty grave.

However fans slammed Kerry for trying to get revenge on Noah when she has got away with killing Frank Clayton.

Emmerdale Kerry is proud of Amy's parenting
Kerry found out Noah had been stalking Chloe (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Kerry’s revenge

This week, Chloe was horrified when she found out Noah had been stalking her.

She discovered hundreds of pictures of herself on his laptop, including pictures of her bedroom Noah took when he broke in.

She also realised he’d been using a drone to spy on her while she’s sleeping.

When she confronted Noah, he tried to trap her in his house and cover her mouth to keep her quiet.

Charity soon walked in and was horrified at what Noah had done.

Chloe ran off and told Kerry, Al and Bob about Noah’s stalking.

Noah tried to trap Chloe in his house (Credit: ITV)

Fans slam ‘hypocrite’ Kerry for seeking revenge on Noah

In last night’s scenes (Thursday, May 12) Kerry decided to take action and approached Noah in a graveyard, calmly asking him if they could go on a walk for a chat.

She tried to convince him to hand himself into the police and they stopped by an empty grave.

Noah told Kerry he didn’t think he should hand himself in as he isn’t a ‘psycho.’

Kerry responded saying: “Well can you see why we might think that you are?”

As Noah tried to leave, Kerry wouldn’t let him go and distracted him before pushing him into the grave.

Kerry pushed Noah in a grave (Credit: ITV)

When Noah was in the grave begging to be let go, Kerry said: “If I don’t do this, how long before you’re back out there flying your little drone?”

Kerry then covered the grave with a wooden board before sitting on it.

Soon David came along and saw what Kerry had done. Although he was furious with Noah for trying to frame Jacob for his stalking, he wanted her to release Noah.

David helped Noah out of the grave.

However fans were quick to slam Kerry, pointing out she and Amy accidentally started the fire that killed Frank Clayton and hasn’t paid for her crimes.

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