Emmerdale: Fans sickened as Jamie makes disgusting remark about Lydia’s dead child

Jamie has made a lot of enemies in Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans were left sickened after Jamie made a disgusting remark to Lydia about her baby, who died.

Recently Jamie has made many enemies in the village, especially with the Dingle family. However last week, Jamie seemed to act nicely towards Lydia giving her the afternoon off work, paid.

But in last night’s episode (Tuesday, November 3) he turned nasty once again on Lydia, who works as a cleaner at Home Farm.

As Jamie had a go at wife Andrea for not letting him see their daughter Millie, Lydia walked by.

Jamie made disgusting remarks about Lydia’s child who died (Credit: ITV)

Andrea explained that the little girl was scared after the things she heard about Jamie and Lydia said: “I don’t blame her. I really thought you were better than this.”

But Jamie turned back around and responded saying: “Right. Yeah, all this from the woman who buried her baby in a hole in the dirt.”

Andrea was shocked by his words, but Jamie told her he wouldn’t give up until he saw Millie, before storming off.

Lydia told Sam about her encounter with Jamie (Credit: ITV)

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After he left, Andrea told Lydia ignore Jamie. Although Lydia tried to make out she was okay, as she walked off she burst into tears.

Later back at Wishing Well Cottage she told Sam about her encounter with Jamie and soon he started planning his revenge with Cain.

But viewers were disgusted by Jamie’s ‘vile’ words.

Emmerdale: Lydia’s baby

Last year, a baby’s body was found on the grounds of Hotten Academy school. Lydia soon revealed that the baby was hers.

When she was 15 she fell pregnant and gave birth in the care home she was living in, but kept the whole thing a secret.

However her baby was stillborn. She ended up sneaking out of the house and burying her little boy in nearby woods.

What’s next for Jamie?

Cain and Sam go after revenge on Jamie (Credit: ITV)

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Cain and Sam go after revenge on the vet after everything he’s done.

But as Cain reveals their plan to a drunk Jamie, they have no idea Moira’s brother Mackenzie is watching and his interest is piqued.

He soon steps put of the shadows. Has Jamie found a new alliance?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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