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Emmerdale fans shocked as Paddy Kirk dumps Chas Dingle

The vet finally developed a backbone

Emmerdale fans are shocked after Paddy Kirk dumped Chas Dingle.

The vet finally snapped in last night’s episode after months of Chas treating him like dirt, culminating in her trying to cheat with Al Chapman.

Emmerdale Chas Dingle
Chas looked furious as Paddy Kirk dumped her (Credit: ITV)

They had a furious row where Paddy refused to back down for the first time and stormed out.

It took Bear to get through to Chas to tell her she was going to loose Paddy before she finally snapped out of her bad mood.

However when Chas finally decided she was ready to talk like an adult, Paddy had already realised what he wanted.

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Or to be more accurate – what he didn’t want.

He said: “I saw this film, it was on late one night when you were away and I couldn’t sleep.

“It was about this young couple in America and they’d just moved in together.

A night out with ex Mandy had shown Paddy what he was missing (Credit: ITV)

“I were laid there and they were imagining their future lives – bringing up kids, growing old together, sorting the garden out – whatever older American people do.

“And I laid there and I tried to do the same, and I couldn’t. I couldn’t do it.

“And that’s how I know it’s all wrong. I can’t imagine growing old with you, I’m really sorry.”

Chas had fans furious with her (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans furious with Chas over Paddy Kirk

Chas looked stunned by his revelation. However, fans were furious at her for letting Paddy go by her own behaviour.

One said: “Chas can’t see how good Paddy actually is.

“He has always been there for her and Aaron, even when they weren’t together.”

They continued: “He has put up with crap from both of them, put himself second time and time again.

“He is generally kind and thoughtful, has a stable job etc. He might not be the best looking, richest, or flashiest bloke, but she is so fortunate to have him. People like her piss me off.”

A second said: “Good on you Paddy! It’s about time you stood up to Mrs. crispy hair!”

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Others dubbed her “Chasferatu” while another added: “Oh bless poor Paddy.

“I agree if you cannot see yourself growing old with the person you are with, then you are with the wrong person.

“Life is too short to waste it on the wrong person.”

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