Emmerdale fans reveal what they think will make Kim Tate bearable again

Her return hasn't exactly been popular so far

It’s fair to say there’s been a lot of hype around the comeback of Kim Tate to Emmerdale – and not all of it good.

After her brief return in October, fans told how they were dreading her full-time return this year.

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Kim’s initial comeback wasn’t a huge hit (Credit: ITV)

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And when it finally aired last week, they were less than impressed as she bowled in, and they demanded the soap kill her off now they’ve turned her into a “panto villain”.

But some fans have put their thinking caps on and worked out what will make her more likeable and mean she can stay: she needs a friend.

In a forum on Digital Spy  one user asked: “Who should be a friend for her in order to soften her character?

“If Seth was still around, he’d have been perfect as he was able to keep her three dimensional and she could trust him with anything. Maybe another older person?”

Someone else agreed: “Kim worked best with a sort of ‘opposites attract’ friendship. Her and Seth together was lovely. They ought to make it someone who is her complete opposite.”

Could Zak be her friend? (Credit: ITV)

“A Zak and Kim friendship might work since he knows her of old and he can ground her,” added a third.

There was another more surprising suggestion too: “Perhaps she can team up with Doug Potts and they can do a bit of gardening together.”

Is Doug the one to put Kim right? (Credit: ITV)

While someone else thought a woman more her own age would be better: “If Kim is to be friends with anyone it should be someone surprising like Harriet or Moira.”

Another user said: “I remember her friendship with Seth it was really nice. Her friendship with Kathy died when Kim slept with Dave (Kathy’s boyfriend) and then had his child, though Kim kept trying to make amends as at times you could see she was vulnerable.

“Though now she seems too hard as nails to soften. I remember when Megan first arrived she and Zak had a friendship bond, like others have said they do try and do an opposite type of friendship with characters.

“It needs to be someone who tells her straight and not tries to lick her backside 24/7 (like Nicola).

“Zak/Lydia/Doug/Bob/Brenda but can’t see it really.”

Brenda and Bob have got enough troubles without Kim in the mix! (Credit: ITV)

A further suggestion was Rodney Blackstock.

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But there were some users who wouldn’t even entertain the idea: “Kim Tate does not need a friend,” they wrote. “She needs a complete personality transplant.”

Kim’s return saw her immediately make an enemy of Cain and sleep with Graham behind his girlfriend Megan’s back.

This week Kim’s trying to seduce Cain, but a shock from Graham sends her reeling.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Thursday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm on ITV. There is no Friday episode this week due to football.

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