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Emmerdale fans question why Tracy and Nate are together

They don't seem that happy...

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Emmerdale couple Nate Robinson and Tracy Metcalfe have had it tough recently.

Tracy has been in the depths of post-natal depression following the birth of their first child together, Frankie.

But Nate has stood by her side and supported her through thick and thin.

Tracy and Nate have a daughter, Frankie (Credit: ITV)

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Despite them being committed to each other and committed parents to their little girl, things just don’t seem right. So should they even be together at all?

Does Nate cheat on Tracy in Emmerdale?

Tracy certainly knows something isn’t quite right between her and her other half. Tonight (Thursday, November 11) he went off into town on the lash with Billy, while she waiting at home for some alone time with him.

Wanting to put the heat back into things, Trace even sent Nate a sexy selfie, hoping it would entice him home from Hotten and into her arms.

Will Nate cheat on Tracy? (Credit: ITV)

But silly Nate smashed his phone and never got the message. Not only that, but he was slightly preoccupied chatting to flirty Fiona, who seemed very interested in him.

Nate then went home with Fi, leaving Tracy wondering where her man was all night.

Although it seemed very clear Nate did not cheat on Tracy, is this really the behaviour of a happy, committed bloke?

Fans question why Tracy and Nate are together

Certainly, the scenes left viewers at home wondering why the couple are still together. Some pointed out all they seem to do is make each other miserable – with one saying they never really seemed happy in the first place.

What’s next for Nate and Tracy?

Coming through the experience of post-natal depression is tough, and Tracy and Nate have worked hard to stay strong.

Being a new parent is draining at the best of time, so maybe we should cut them some slack?

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