Emmerdale Aaron and Chas are both very sad

Emmerdale fans all saying the same thing about Chas’s reaction to Aaron’s departure

He's still alive, Chas!

Emmerdale viewers have been mocking Chas Dingle for acting like son Aaron has died following his departure.

After her son left on Monday (December 6) Chas has been moping around the village and even disowned Liv in anger.

She’s behaving like she’ll never see Aaron again and that he’s died rather than just hopped on a plane to Europe.

Emmerdale Chas looks at a picture of her and Aaron and feels sad
Chas seems to be in mourning (Credit: ITV)

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Chas is acting like Aaron his died in Emmerdale

Wednesday night’s episode (December 8) opened with Chas looking sadly at a picture of her and Aaron. She then received tickets in the post which were meant to be Aaron’s Christmas present.

She was upset as she said: “So much for your Christmas present, eh, son?”

Then last night (Thursday, December 9) she opened up to Belle about how she was feeling.

“Every minute Aaron’s in my head. Every second I see his little face. I just can’t bear not knowing when I’m going to see him again.”

Belle replied: “Once everything settled down, he’s going to be in touch.”

“When is that going to be? A week? A year? What if he gets used to not talking to me? What if he just fades away and we never speak to each other again?”

She added: “I feel useless. I don’t know how to handle it.”

Belle told her it was good she was talking because if she bottled it up it would send her under.

Emmerdale Sad Chas confides in Belle how she misses Aaron
Chas told Belle how upset she was about Aaron leaving (Credit: ITV)

What did fans say about Chas’s hurt?

Those watching at home thought the whole thing was over the top and not necessary.

They mocked Chas for acting like Aaron has died, with some even pointing out she wasn’t bothered when he was going to go on the run with Robert.

One wrote: “He ain’t [bleep] dead Chas. Get over yourself.” Others agreed.

Emmerdale Liv is struggling in prison
Chas has destroyed Liv (Credit: ITV)

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No sympathy for Chas in Emmerdale

As well as teasing her for her reaction, viewers have been left furious at Chas this week following her treatment of Liv Flaherty.

Liv is wrongly in prison for Ben Tucker’s murder, but Chas blames her for Aaron’s departure.

Despite Aaron asking his mum to watch out for Liv for him, Chas did the exact opposite. She visited the teenager and told her she was dead to her and not to contact the family again.

Fans were furious at Chas’s behaviour and called her “nasty” and “vile”.

Feeling totally lost and alone Liv overdosed on alcohol in prison last night and ended up violently vomiting and convulsing. It’s not known whether Liv will survive.

If she does pull through, will Chas regret her actions? And how will she feel when she finds out Liv is innocent and didn’t drive Aaron away after all?

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