Emmerdale fans question glaring error in Sarah Sugden heart failure storyline

You can't fool eagle-eyed soap viewers...

It’s the storyline that has left a lump in the throat of Emmerdale fans across the country – as schoolgirl Sarah Sugden fights for her life in hospital.

After a lifetime of illness, the daughter of Debbie Dingle is now suffering from heart failure and is awaiting a donor to save her life.

While ITV viewers have been in bits over Sarah’s recent diagnosis, some have been left puzzled by what they believe to be an error on the part of “forgetful” scriptwriters.

Poor Sarah has been through so much in her short life (Credit: ITV)

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Either that, or family members Robert and Victoria Sugden are just uncaring or hospital-phobic!

Amid the devastating heart transplant storyline, Robert and Victoria haven’t been to visit their niece ONCE!

And fans aren’t happy.

Sarah has been in hospital since July, leaving some viewers to wonder why the siblings haven’t been to check on the daughter of Andy Sugden – their adopted brother.

Uncaring uncle and aunt? Or a slip-up by scriptwriters?

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Yes, they’ve both had other things on their mind – Lachlan White’s killing spree, Rebecca’s disappearance, an upcoming wedding, a new romance – but surely a box of chocolates or something?

While there have been scenes in which the pair have asked about Sarah’s condition, fans are insistent that Robert and Victoria should go to see her.

One viewer tweeted: “So why hasn’t Robert visited Sarah in hospital? I know Rebecca is his child’s mother, but isn’t Sarah his and Victoria’s niece? She’s a Sugden too so why are only Dingles visiting her?”

Another agreed writing: “Shouldn’t Victoria be more concerned about Sarah and be visiting her, too? Sarah is her niece.”

A third commented: “Really wish Robert and Victoria would visit Sarah in hospital – have the writers just totally forgotten that Sarah is their niece?”

Yet another blasted: “Even Diane has been in and Sarah isn’t her bio granddaughter!”

While the lack of compassion from the Sugden siblings remains a mystery, Robert has a health scare of his own in upcoming episodes.

The stress of finding Rebecca leads to him suffering a shock collapse.

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