Lisa Dingle takes on Kim Tate

Emmerdale fans punch the air with glee as Lisa Dingle takes down Kim Tate

We heart you Lisa!

They say as you get older, you start saying what you REALLY think to people. Couple that with the knowledge you haven’t got long left to live, and you’re Lisa Dingle – about to drop a truth bomb on Kim Tate. YEEEES!

Emmerdale fans were ecstatic last night (May 16) when beloved matriarch Lisa delivered a crushing takedown to Kim, who totally deserved every word.

Lisa Dingle takes on Kim Tate
Queen Lisa of Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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During what should have been a relaxing pint at The Woolpack, Belle Dingle had tried to persuade Jamie to give his hateful mother another chance.

However, when Kim got the wrong end of the stick, she lashed out at Belle with some nasty words and her usual resting witch face.

And nobody messes with a Dingle when Lisa is around!

Kim versus Lisa
Even Graham was trying to hide from Lisa’s wrath (Credit: ITV)

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Standing up for her family, Lisa fronted up to Kim saying: “We, us [the Dingles], have got something you could never have. Family. Love. And that’s something you can’t buy.”

She continued: “Take away your fancy house and your fancy car and you’re just a sour-faced [bleep] that no one can stand!”

Hail Queen Lisa!

Kim looked like she was chewing a wasp by this point, and started saying: “Why don’t you take that tramp of a daughter…”

Zac proposes to Lisa
Zac proposed to Lisa earlier this week (Credit: ITV)

But James intervened by shouting at his mum to stop, leaving Lisa to walk away and enjoy her drink.

Which she deserved.

Fans were delighted with Lisa’s package of home truths, with one saying: “If we couldn’t love Lisa any more, she’s just owned Kim #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Damn, Lisa Dingle just slayed.”

A third added: “Everything that a person needs and deserves, family and love. I’m loving the sassy Lisa. I missed Jane Cox. She is such a wonderful person and Lisa is the type of mother you would love to have. Credit to Emmerdale. I’m going to be bawling when she goes.”

“Brutal but true,” said another. “Well said Lisa!”

Viewers know that Lisa recently returned to the village with devastating news.

She confessed to her family that she is dying from a terminal heart condition.

As she prepares to say her goodbyes, she will remarry Zac in upcoming episodes after he proposed this week.

Lisa and Zak get married – but why is she covered in mud? (Credit: ITV)

Long-time Emmerdale fans will know that Lisa and Zak originally tied the knot back in 1998, but their 18-year marriage came to an end when Zak got together with Joanie and left Lisa heartbroken.

However, all is right in the world again, and Harriet Finch will marry them again in emotional scenes next week.

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