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Emmerdale fans predict Maya Stepney isn’t dead and will return to get revenge

She's behind you!

Emmerdale fans predict Maya Stepney is ALIVE and will return to get her revenge on Leyla Harding, Priya Kotecha and Tracy Metcalfe.

The most hated teacher in the village, Maya hasn’t been seen since the end of the Big Night Out episode, when she accepted a lift from Leyla – unaware she’d just discovered about her sordid affair with Jacob.

Emmerdale Maya Credit: ITV/Facebook
Maya was left bloodied and bruised after being exposed (Credit: ITV)

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During tense scenes last week, Jacob’s mum Leyla discovered what had been going on underneath her nose for months…

Viewers saw Leyla get into a car with Maya with fury in her eyes, but the next episode (Friday April 26) went straight into the following morning with Maya nowhere to be seen.

When the girls went back to the woods to look for her, they found Priya’s scarf covered in Maya’s blood – and Maya hasn’t been seen since.

Is this proof that Maya is dead? (Credit: ITV)

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While some viewers have assumed that Maya is dead, other conspiracy theorists believe Maya is still very much alive and plotting her revenge.

Obviously no body has yet been found, and some fans have pointed out that Jacob would have been very vocal if Maya had suddenly stopped replying to his texts and calls – even possibly rushing home from Portugal.

So is she out there somewhere communicating with him and planning a shock return?

We certainly know she’s clever enough to do it!

Credit: ITV/YouTube
Maya has been abusing Jacob for months, but he believes it’s love (Credit: ITV)

Some fans believe she’s biding her time, before striking.

One wrote: “My opinion on the Maya and Jacob storyline: I believe that Maya’s alive and she will come back to haunt Layla, Priya and Tracy and she will get her revenge on them for what they did to her…”

Another popular theory is blackmail, with one saying: “I think Maya will return when everyone least expects it and will blackmail Leyla, Tracy and Priya over what they did to her. #Emmerdale.”

A third bloodthirsty theorist stated: “I want Maya to return as a serial killer and murder all three of them #Emmerdale.”

Others believe that Maya will even continue her abuse of Jacob, saying: “Maya will return, then blackmail the three of them so they don’t say anything about her relationship with Jacob.

“She’ll have them just where she wants them and continue to get away with being an abuser.”

Another even believes she’ll lay low for a while, before returning to the village with a baby – but whose will it be?

What started as an innocent night out, ended in terror (Credit: ITV)

Next Tuesday (May 7), we’ll finally see how Maya’s night unfolded as Leyla confesses to Jacob what happened after her, Priya and Tracy got Maya in the car at the end of the night.

Flashbacks show us the women driving away from the nightclub and it quickly becomes clear that Maya is in real danger.

Put under pressure, she escapes from the car and, with the three women in hot pursuit, things take a terrifying turn…

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