Emmerdale fans praise Danny Miller and Isobel Steele for emotional performance

The pair had a heart to heart

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Fans of Emmerdale have praised Isobel Steele and Danny Miller for an emotional performance in last night’s episodes (December 16 2019).

Viewers know Danny’s character Aaron Dingle has been struggling since his husband Robert Sugden was sentenced to life in prison for murder.

Since his sentencing, Robert was moved to a prison on the Isle of Wight and decided to cut all contact with his family and husband.

He later sent Aaron divorce papers leaving him heartbroken.

Emmerdale fans broken as Robert Sugden secretly dumps Aaron in final scenes
Robert was sentenced to life in prison (Credit: ITV)

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Recently Robert’s sister Victoria received a letter from her brother.

She decided to show the letter to Aaron’s sister Liv Flaherty, played by Isobel, and together the pair decided to keep the letter secret from Aaron to avoid upsetting him.

But in last night’s episode, Aaron overheard Liv, Victoria and his mum Chas talking about him and confronted them.

They confessed Robert had sent Vic a letter and Liv explained she wanted to give it time to see if Robert would send him a letter.

Aaron lost it with Liv (Credit: ITV Hub)

But Aaron was furious with his family and told his sister that if she ever went behind his back again then they were done.

Aaron later went missing and Liv panicked when she realised there were painkillers missing from the bathroom.

Just caught up on tonight’s #Emmerdale and what incredible performances from @Isobel_Steele & @DannyBMiller.

She panicked he may do something stupid and went out looking for him, where she found Robert’s letter in the river.

But as she went closer to the river she had another seizure and ended up hitting her head on a rock.

Liv had a seizure and hit her head on a rock (Credit: ITV)

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Luckily Wendy Posner was passing by and called an ambulance and as Liv woke up, she broke down in tears realising she had a fit again.

When Aaron found out about Liv’s seizure, he blamed himself for stressing her out and was upset that he wasn’t there to look after her.

Later Liv woke up in hospital and the brother and sister had a heart to heart where she told him she was missing Robert and that she feared Aaron would hurt himself and leave her behind.

Liv has been worried about Aaron for weeks (Credit: ITV Hub)

He told her that he took the last two painkillers for his hand and put the packet in the bin and said: “I just needed a little bit of time on my own just to think.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, I’m so sorry. I’ll try harder.”

When she asked him if he promised, he told her he’d be there for her.

Viewers were moved by the emotional scenes and praised the actors for their performances.

Now Aaron has promised to try better for his sister, will he get his life back on track?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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