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Emmerdale fans point out ‘stupid’ mistake in Robron on the run storyline

Will they get caught soon?

Viewers of Emmerdale have pointed out what they claim is a “stupid” mistake in the Robron on the run storyline.

Earlier this week, fans saw Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle flee the village in an attempt to avoid a lengthy jail sentence for Rob.

Chas says goodbye to Robert and Aaron
Aaron said a tearful farewell to his mum Chas (Credit: ITV)

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Fans of the ITV soap were “heartbroken” and left “sobbing” as one of their favourite soap couples appeared to leave the village for good.

On Tuesday (October 15), Rob’s pregnant sister Victoria discovered the troubling news that her rapist Lee Posner had died from a bleed to the brain.

While we can’t imagine that anyone except his own mother would have been upset by the news after his horrifying attack on Victoria, his death does complicate Robert’s situation.

Pregnant Vic shared the news of Lee's death (Credit: ITV)
Pregnant Vic shared the news of Lee’s death (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Robert attacked Lee and left him in a coma, furious that he’d raped his sister, got her pregnant and continued to goad her afterwards.

Already facing time in jail for grievous bodily harm with intent, Lee’s death meant that Robert could now be prosecuted for murder.

Knowing he could be sent to jail forever, Robert said: “Which means it’s my fault. They could charge me with murder. He’s dead because of me. I’m a murderer. They could send me down for life for this.”

A tearful Victoria told Robert that Lee had died
A tearful Victoria told Robert that Lee had died (Credit: ITV)

As the news sunk in, Robert and Aaron made the decision to go on the run and, after saying goodbye to his son Seb, Robert picked up his bag and left the cottage.

After tearful farewells with Victoria, Liv, Chas and Paddy, the pair were seen getting into a car and driving away.

And while many of those watching from home were in bits, others called out what they claimed was a big blunder…

Victoria raped by lee
Lee raped Vic in distressing scenes (Credit: ITV)

Writing on Emmerdale Addicts Facebook fan page, one viewer said: “Why would you run away, in your own car that could be traced???”

Another agreed, saying: “Exactly, it just doesn’t make sense. The police are bound to find them soon and Robert will be in more trouble than ever!”

A third said: “Because the scriptwriters are stupid.”

“They must have been in a hurry,” said one more, while another simply blasted: “Robrun fiasco!”

Robron on the run... but for how long? (Credit: ITV)
Robron on the run… but for how long? (Credit: ITV)

Spoilers tell us that there are dark times ahead for Aaron Dingle after he loses his husband.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks revealed: “When a big character like Robert exits, there is huge story potential in terms of kicking off the next chapter for Aaron.

“Robert leaving is going to hit him hard.

“He is the love of Aaron’s life whom he adored, and has kept Aaron anchored and on the straight and narrow.

“So when the rug is pulled from underneath his feet, it really affects Aaron and it makes him behave in ways he wouldn’t normally.”

Credit: ITV/YouTube
Married Robert and Aaron will soon part ways… But how? (Credit: ITV)

She added: “I think we’re going to see the Aaron of old, before Robert came along and straightened him out.

“We have loads of great stuff for Danny and Isobel [Steele], as they try to navigate their world without Robert in it.”

While it remains to be seen exactly how Robert will leave the show, we know Aaron is not going with him.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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