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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Emmerdale fans point out continuity error as Chas finds out about Moira's affair TWICE

Or was it baby brain?

Viewers of Emmerdale were left baffled last night, when Chas Dingle appeared to totally forget she'd been told about Moira Dingle's affair.

Fans of the soap who were paying close attention at home during dramatic October Week scenes, called out the apparent blunder on Thursday (October 24) as Moira's affair became public knowledge.

Chas and Paddy found out about the affair in the first of two Thursday night episodes (Credit: ITV)

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During the first of a double parter, Faith called in to meet Chas and Paddy's new baby daughter and told them the shocking news of Moira's betrayal and the subsequent boat explosion.

Sat at the dining table with Paddy, an appalled Chas said to Faith: "You said they've both been taken to hospital. Do you know if they're… [okay]?"

She later added: "Right under his nose… He's lucky Cain didn't break his neck."

Chas and Paddy learnt the truth of the affair from Faith (Credit: ITV)

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However, in the second episode which aired at 8pm, Cain arrived at The Woolpack where Moira was sitting with Pete Barton and Matty.

Chas, seeming to know nothing about Cain's plight, turned to her half-brother and said: "Meet your new niece. Are you alright?"

Emmerdale have made a boo boo tonight!

To which he replied: "What is she [Moira] doing here?"

Cain told the whole of The Woolpack what Moira had been up to (Credit: ITV)

Once again, Chas seemed oblivious to Moira's betrayal, asking Cain: "Why wouldn't she be here?"

Cain replied: "It turns out Nate is my biological son and his mum is Cara Robinson. Here's a question for you Moira. If you'd known who Nate was, would you still have slept with him?"

Chas looked absolutely shocked at the news and, after the news had sunk in, said: "Get her out of here, she's not welcome."

Viewers flocked to discuss the error on social media, with one tweeting: "I'm confused. Didn't Chas find out about the affair before she saw Moira in the pub?"

Another said: "Chas must've really suffered from 'baby brain' last night! I'm sure Faith told her about Moira's affair in the first episode? By the end of last night she'd forgot?"

A third added: "Emmerdale have made a boo boo tonight! Chas was told about Moira and Nate in the back room in episode one, but then the second episode showed her finding out in the pub!"

"Emmerdale, there was a mistake in tonight's episode," said one more. "Faith had told Chas about Moira when she went to see the baby because she said 'right under Cain's nose'. But then in the pub she knew nothing about it and said 'why wouldn't Moira be there'?!"

On Digital Spy Forums, one canny viewer said: "Did Emmerdale make a mistake? In the first episode, Chas finds out about Moira and Nate. In the next episode she acts shocked when it's revealed in the pub and throws Moira out. But she allowed her there to start with."

Another agreed, writing: "Yep, that's the part that confused me. Chas seemed totally oblivious as to why Cain was upset. And why did Moira think popping into a pub run by Dingles was a good idea right now anyway?"

Scenes to air this evening will show Moira spiral out of control and point a gun at Nate.

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