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Emmerdale: Fans left emotional as Lisa Dingle ‘returns’

Great to hear her voice again

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Emmerdale fans were left emotional as Belle Dingle started to hear the voice of her late mum Lisa Dingle, played again by Jane Cox.

Currently Jamie is trying to blame Belle for the hit and run he committed. And with the police starting to suspect her, it’s all started to become a bit too much for the receptionist.

In tonight’s visit to the Dales (Thursday, October 15), Belle was talking to her mum outside of Wishing Well Cottage.

But it wasn’t long before she was interrupted by Paddy, who told her he still liked to speak to his baby daughter Gracie, who died in 2018.

Belle tampered with Jamie’s animal medication before hearing mum Lisa Dingle played by Jane Cox in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Paddy convinced Belle to work one last shift with Jamie. However their shift together didn’t go well.

After Jamie had a go at Belle for making an appointment error, she switched some medication vials that were in Jamie’s car.

But when he came back from a call out, he told Belle that he realised what she did and her revenge could’ve killed a horse.

Fed up, Belle admitted what she did and decided to quit her job on the spot.

Emmerdale: Belle hears Lisa Dingle’s voice

Later, when on her own, Belle continued to talk to Lisa. But it became clear something isn’t right.

Belle asked: “You do think I’m doing the right thing though don’t you? Better off away from Jamie.”

Belle has started to hear Lisa’s voice (Credit: ITV)

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The voice of Lisa then responded to her saying: “Of course you are. Just makes my blood boil he didn’t get what was coming.”

When Belle said she tried, Lisa responded saying: “I know love. At least you’re not too stubborn to listen to your mum still. No one hurts my girl, do you hear me?

Lisa died last year (Credit: ITV)

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“It’s alright, I know I’ve not been around for you sweetheart but I’m here now. I’ll look after you, as long as you keep doing as I tell you.”

Fans were emotional hearing Lisa’s voice once again, but worried for Belle, knowing her mental health is taking a bad turn.

Belle’s mental health

Fans of the show know Belle was diagnosed with schizophrenia back in 2015 after she was released from young offenders.

The teenager has struggled with her mental health but has been medication to help.

Next week, Sam realises she’s behind on her pills. Will he start to see that she is unwell?

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