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Sunday 31st May 2020

Horrified Emmerdale fans predict Mandy Dingle and her fake son Vinny are lovers

Vinny is not related to Mandy

Fans of Emmerdale have been left horrified as they predict Mandy and her fake son Vinny are actually a couple.

Last week it was revealed to viewers that Vinny is not really Mandy's son, leaving people questioning what his real identity is.

After Mandy commited fraud and pretended to be Lydia Hart to get the £10,000 Lydia had inherited, the Dingles found out what Mandy and Vinny had done.

Furious with his cousin, Sam decided to hold Dingle Court instead of taking the matter to the police.

The Dingles gathered to decide Mandy and Vinny's punishment (Credit: ITV)

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Cousin Charity, who was secretly involved in Mandy and Vinny's casino scam, managed to convince everyone to go easy on Mandy and Vinny as they are family.

But Vinny was left worried in case the Dingles found out he wasn't actually one of them and turned him into the police.

In last night's episode (November 6 2019) the pair felt guilty as they admitted to Lydia they have tried to find out who left her the money but the solicitor figured out they were fraudsters and threatened to call the police.

Vinny isn't Mandy's son (Credit: Youtube/Emmerdale)

Later Mandy and Vinny had a heart to heart where Mandy admitted Lydia talking about her roots made her think of her fake son.

The pair then held hands as Vinny said at least he knew his real family.

When Mandy asked if he thought about his family much, he replied: "Now and again, but I'm glad they're not in my life anymore.

"I found a new, improved family and I couldn't be happier."

No one knows Vinny's real identity (Credit: ITV)

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The duo put their heads together as Mandy called him a "soft git".

Mandy then said to Vinny that although they're not blood they're cut from the same cloth.

Despite it seeming like Mandy and Vinny have a mother/son type relationship, viewers are starting to think they could actually be LOVERS.

Although it has not been confirmed who Vinny really is, fans have a number of different theories.

Could Vinny and Mandy really be together - or is there a completely different connection we're yet to find out?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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