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Emmerdale: Fans hit out at storylines as Kim Tate wants revenge on Cain

Viewers are unimpressed with Kim going after Cain... again

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Emmerdale fans have slammed the soap for “repeating storylines” with Kim Tate and Cain.

They claim Kim Tate’s revenge plot against Cain Dingle has been done repeatedly before – and they’re sick of it.

Cain is in Kim’s sights – but viewers are sick of it (Credit: ITV)

The millionaire schemer has vowed to destroy Cain’s business after he threatened her son Jamie Tate while she was away.

Jamie had framed Belle for his own crime – the hit and run of Cain’s wife Moira Barton.

However, Kim decided that Jamie was the innocent party and set about trying to destroy him.

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She hired his brother-in-law Mackenzie Boyd to steal cars from the garage so his business would fail.

As well as this she made it clear to Moira that Mackenzie was under her control – and there was nothing she could do about it.

Fans aren’t impressed though as when Kim first returned to the village, she was intent on destroying Cain then too.

Kim Tate Cain Dingle Emmerdale
Kim first tried to seduced Cain two years ago (Credit: ITV)

She even went as far to blackmail him over Joe Tate’s apparent death to force him to sleep with her.

However, her aim was to end his marriage and leave him broken.

And now her latest scheme has viewers demanding the writers give up pitting Kim and Cain against each other.

Taking to Digital Spy Forums, they have hit out at soap bosses over the storyline.

Kim Tate Emmerdale
Kim Tate rules the village with an iron fist (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans hit out over Kim Tate storyline

One said: “This storyline feels it has been going on forever. Kim Tate really needs to get a life if all she is worried about is getting revenge on Cain Dingle.”

A second agreed: “Yes, if she had a moustache she would be twirling it after every scene. She needs to get on with her life and forget about getting revenge on Cain. She’s very one dimensional now.”

However, another said they need to save Kim as a character: “The potential is there for Kim to be the old baddie we know her for, so I wouldn’t be calling for her axing.

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“It’s the writing for her that’s the issue. It’s like they want her to be bitchy but just don’t know how to create that.”

As well as this they said: “So we get nonsense plots like who killed Graham?/ Jamie and Belle/ working with Mackenz just so the characters can be stupid and get themselves caught/blackmailed by her.

“It just doesn’t feel natural. She could be a great [bleep]/villain if it happens organically.”

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