Graham Foster returns to Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans have interesting prediction as Graham returns…

Why is he REALLY back?

Graham Foster made a shock return to Emmerdale last night – and fans were absolutely thrilled to see him back.

The mysterious henchman – still fresh from battling his own demons – came back to the village to help former boss Joe Tate in his hour of need.

But some ITV viewers have predicted that his dramatic comeback isn’t all it seems…

A drum roll for Graham Foster please! (Credit: ITV)

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In emotionally-charged scenes on Tuesday (4 September), Graham returned to the Dales to confront a drunken Joe, who has spiralled out of control of late.

The super-rich businessman has been feeling sorry for himself after Debbie Dingle rejected his proposal of marriage – and Joe’s half brother Noah called on Graham to kick Joe into line (possibly literally given his violent history).

Arriving at Home Farm at Noah’s request, Graham simply told the young boy that he and Joe “would talk”.

Graham and Joe: Reunited (Credit: ITV)

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The last time the two were in a room together, Joe sacked Graham and banished him from being near him – ordering him to go to rehab and never come back.

The fallout followed Graham’s drunken rampage on the anniversary of his wife’s death – which he was responsible for due to drink driving.

A ball of rage and resentment, Graham lashed out at Joe – the only person trying to help him – and beat him to a pulp.

Joe and Graham both have their demons to battle (Credit: ITV)

But, after a heart to heart, the pair now seem to be back on track – leaving fans delighted.

One said: “We all need a Graham in our lives to look after us, good to see him back have missed him.”

Another gushed: “I am so happy to see Graham. He came for Joe.”

A third wrote: “I’m so happy to see Graham is back!”

Many more agreed, with one joking that actor Andrew Scarborough shouldn’t be allowed any more time off, writing: “Yay, finally  @andrewscarboro is back on @emmerdale please ban him from any future time off, plays the role of Graham opposite @NedPorteous so brilliantly!!”

Others even gave the friends the affectionate moniker ‘Joham’.

And there were suggestions amongst some fans that Graham might be able to help with another little problem in the village… Serial killer and resident psychopath Lachlan White!

One wrote: “Yay Grahams back – maybe he could do away with Lachlan.”

Another tweeted: “Thank god Grae is back, please get rid of Luckie pleeeasseeeeee make it end.”

Whether it’s Graham who finally delivers justice to Lachlan or someone else, we know the trouble teen will shortly get his comeuppance

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