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Emmerdale fans divided over Victoria and Luke’s relationship

Vile or cute?

Viewers of Emmerdale have slammed Victoria Sugden’s romance with Luke Posner, calling it an “offensive” and “vile” storyline.

On Tuesday night (March 10), Diane gave Victoria her blessing to start seeing Luke after seeing their friendship blossom over the past few months.

Vic and Luke have embarked on a relationship (Credit: ITV)

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Wasting no time, Victoria soon found Luke and told him they should give romance a go – and the pair enjoyed a kiss.

But some viewers found the storyline completely unacceptable, refusing to acknowledge that Victoria would want to embark on a relationship with her rapist’s brother.

This is so wrong and offensive and nobody realises it, I am disgusted.

Soap fans know that Victoria was brutally raped last year, when a drink with Lee Posner went horrifyingly wrong.

Victoria raped by lee
Lee Posner raped Victoria in disturbing scenes (Credit: ITV)

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She later discovered she was pregnant with his baby, and decided to keep it.

Meanwhile, Lee escaped prosecution because of a lack of evidence, and Vic’s brother Robert took matters into his own hands when he attacked Lee – actions which ultimately led to his death.

As Robert languishes in jail, Lee’s mother and brother Luke have settled into the village and tried to establish a relationship with Vic and her son.

Does Wendy have a right to see her grandchild? (Credit: ITV)

But many viewers have been disgusted to see a close bond form between Luke and Victoria – and have subsequently slammed the soap for their portrayal of rape.

After they agreed to start dating and Emmerdale’s official Instagram account called them “couple goals”, one tweeted: “Honestly how more wrong can they be? They went proper off with this stroyline. It’s offensive and that’s coming from me who’s not even personally attached. Imagine how real victims must feel.”

Another said: “Vile! Just vile. Of all the directions to take Victoria’s storyline, this has to have been the absolute worst. Unbelievable.”

A third added: “This is so wrong and offensive and nobody realises it, I am disgusted.”

“Why did you make him related to her rapist? This storyline acting like it wouldn’t affect her emotionally to be around his family is awful, and sends rape survivors all the wrong messages,” seethed one.

“Wendy was horrible to her and coming around about her son way too late isn’t enough.”

Another said: “Just having a rape victim dating her rapist’s brother is totally out of line. I have no word to express how disgusted I am about it.”

Others called the pairing “sickening”, “creepy”, “disrespectful”, “stupid” and “triggering”.

Some viewers, however, were behind the relationship, saying Luke should not be blamed for his brother’s actions, and describing them as a cute couple.

There are also plenty of Emmerdale fans who believe Luke should get together with Aaron instead!

Will Luke and Victoria have a happy ever after?

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