Emmerdale star Eden Taylor-Draper reveals fallout with the Dingles over Jamie and Belle

Emmerdale fans go wild as Belle turns Jamie into the police

Belle set Jamie up

Emmerdale fans went wild as Belle revealed she called the police on boyfriend Jamie.

Recently, Jamie ran over Moira and left her in the road. He immediately told his wife Andrea what he did and later told Belle the truth about Moira’s accident.

However, Belle seemingly stuck by Jamie and the pair got back together. Although Belle’s family didn’t know what Jamie did, they still weren’t happy with the two getting back together after the way he treated her.

Andrea told Moira the truth (Credit: ITV)

But this week, Moira found out who ran her over after Andrea confessed that it was Jamie.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, September 23), Moira confronted Belle about what Jamie did, but she played dumb.

The trainee vet soon returned to Home Farm and told her boyfriend that Moira knows the truth. He confessed that the damaged parts of his car, which link him to the crime, are at the bottom of a lake.

Belle called the police on Jamie (Credit: ITV)

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Together they went to see if the parts were properly disposed of, but when Cain turned up, Belle confessed she had called the police on Jamie.

Fans went wild as they discovered Belle had been on her family’s side the whole time.





Emmerdale: What’s next for Jamie and Belle?

Whilst Emmerdale are remaining tight-lipped on what’s next for Jamie, it’s thought he will most likely be arrested now Belle has called the police.

But what will Jamie do now?

The hit and run

The hit and run happened a few weeks ago and resulted in Moira being hospitalised.

Although it looked like she could lose her life, she pulled through and was told she would eventually make a full recovery.

At first, Andrea used what happened to Moira to blackmail Jamie into staying with her. But when Belle found out the truth, Andrea decided against telling anyone.

Emmerdale Moira
Moira was left badly injured from the hit and run (Credit: ITV)

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However, when she overheard Jamie bad-mouthing her and bragging about how he could easily manipulate her, she changed her mind.

Furious, she then decided to tell Moira the truth. But what is going to happen to Jamie now the truth is out?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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