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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Emmerdale fans GLAD Marlon and Jessie are set to split

She cheated on him with her ex-husband

Emmerdale fans have revealed they are PLEASED that Marlon and Jessie are set to split, after she was caught cheating with her ex-husband.

In emotionally-charged scenes on Thursday night (September 12), Jessie gave in to temptation and had sex with Al - only to be caught out by Mandy Dingle.

Jessie and Al enjoyed an illicit kiss (Credit: ITV)

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Just weeks after Al arrived in the Dales, he and ex Jessie shared a kiss in the changing room after the latest village football team match.

It wasn't long before they ended up in bed together - the very bed Jessie shares with her husband Marlon.

Low blow! And that's not a euphemism!

Mandy discovered the affair (Credit: ITV)

But their fumbles were short-lived, as Mandy chose that exact moment to return to the village!

Hoping tonight we see Marlon telling Jessie to sod off, and take her sons with her. 

Branding Jessie a "cheating skank", she later told Marlon the truth about his wife, saying: "I'm sorry, I think I'm about to break your heart."

Looking to his tearful wife, Mandy added: "Do you want to tell him or shall I?"

Too late for tears Jessie! (Credit: ITV)

Poor Marlon looked devastated as the penny dropped and he pleaded: "Please tell me you didn't?"

As many fans felt heartbroken for poor Marlon, others clearly couldn't give a fig for the cuckolded chef's marriage breakdown.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one unapologetic viewer was GLAD Marlon's on the brink of losing his wife.

They wrote: "Marlon should never have married Jessie. They are completely unsuited. He needs to put his efforts into raising his daughter now.

"He is no good a being in a couple. He is too clingy. He is too trusting. He is also an idiot. In fact, being idiots is the only thing they have in common. I hope she is gone by the end of tonight's episode."

Not sitting on the fence there then!?

That tragic face says it all (Credit: ITV)

Another agreed, typing: "The match with Jessie was always wrong in my eyes and I hate that she has broken his heart."

A third said: "The scriptwriters should not have put Marlon and Jessie together. They are two onscreen characters who were never suited in my opinion.

"The soap fans will be sad by the betrayal, although the overall picture may well be a good thing for the story and continued evolution of Mark Charnock (Marlon)."

"But this was a relationship that was never going to work," added another sceptic. "He wears his heart on his sleeve but he now needs to stop looking for a wife and start looking for someone he can spend the rest of his life with.

"I know in soaps they tend to move very quickly. But I would like to see him form a long term relationship with someone much more suitable, rather than marry the next female who drives through the village."

Marlon and Jessie should still be in the honeymoon period of their marriage (Credit: ITV)

One more critic blasted: "Hoping tonight we see Marlon telling Jessie to sod off, and take her sons with her. I'm guessing Al didn't bother telling the school in Dubai, they would be getting a headteacher who doesn't bother turning up at work half the time."

Another even started speculating about who Marlon could date next, listing Priya, Tracy, Leyla, Kerry, Amy, Rhona and even Kim, suggesting "Marlon could be the next Lord of the Manor".

Hang on, Jessie hasn't even left yet!

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