Marlon punched to the ground by Charity

Angry Emmerdale fans brand Charity “disgusting” as she punches Marlon

She lashed out after hearing some home truths...

Emmerdale fans were mortified last night when Charity Dingle threw a vicious punch at Marlon – leaving him bleeding on the floor.

The pair had a heated exchange about Charity’s son Noah, which caused the mum to lash out in violence at her unsuspecting relative.

Charity punches Marlon
Marlon delivered some home truths, but Charity delivered a knock-out punch (Credit: ITV)

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And ITV viewers were livid with Charity for resorting to such “disgusting” behaviour.

The tense showdown kicked off on Wednesday (12 December) when Marlon’s girlfriend, Jessie, came to verbal blows with Charity in The Woolpack after Noah got excluded from school.

Naturally Marlon stepped in to defend Jessie, but he certainly paid for it in the long run!

Marlon and Charity come to blows
Marlon criticised some of Charity’s decisions (Credit: ITV)

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The chef decided to deliver some home truths, accusing Charity of putting her son last on the agenda throughout his life and never giving him the attention he craves.

Clearly hurt by the accusations, Charity threw a right hook at Marlon, taking him by surprise and leaving him shocked and embarrassed on the pub floor.

While some fans had sympathy with Charity and all she’s been through, many more sided with Marlon believing he’d simply told the truth and didn’t deserve to be punched.

One annoyed fan wrote: “Charity there was NO need for that. A real woman would never hit a man! Disgusting, hope Marlon presses charges.”

Another said: “You are a terrible mother Charity and Marlon should do you for assault!”

A third added: “What disgraceful behaviour from Charity, despite everything Marlon is an employee and should be safe from experience of an assault at work. Charity needs to contain herself. I’m surprised anyone ever drinks in The Woolpack.”

Many more said that Marlon just spoke the truth, while others pointed out that reactions would have been very different if Marlon had hit Charity.

Noah Dingle Emmerdale
Noah was the cause of all the trouble (Credit: ITV)

Charity’s teenage son Noah has been getting into a whole lot of trouble recently…

After falling in with bad girl Leanna Cavanagh, he’s been getting involved with her pranks – which have so far included flooding the school by blocking the toilets, releasing animals from the village vets and joyriding in Daz Spencer’s stolen car.

But now Noah is facing disciplinary action from Hotten Academy headteacher Jessie, who’s had enough of the boy’s disruptive behaviour.

Horrified that her career has left Marlon warring with his family, though, Jessie soon decides to show Marlon how much he means to her with a plan that will knock his socks off.

Every silver living…

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