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Emmerdale fans furious at ‘poisonous Maya’ as she isolates Jacob from family

She cajoled him into destroying his phone...

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Evil Maya Stepney has manipulated her way in Jacob’s heart, and convinced him to run away from his family – but she took things even further in last night’s Emmerdale.

On Tuesday (May 14), viewers slammed her actions as “poisonous” when she coerced the schoolboy into destroying his phone – his lifeline to his family.

Maya convinces Jacob to destroy his phone
Maya had Jacob EXACTLY where she wanted him… (Credit: ITV)

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The teacher, who has been grooming Jacob for months, was upset when he revealed he had been in contact with his dad David Metcalfe and was planning to meet up with him.

Unable to hide her rage, she told him that after everything she had sacrificed for him he could “never see his family again”.

She told him: “You don’t need him. Or anyone. It’s just us.”

To prove his devotion to her, the emotional blackmailer asked him to destroy his phone…

Jacob destroys phone for Maya
Maya asked her teenage lover to destroy his phone (Credit: ITV)

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In scenes that enraged viewers, the upset 16-year-old smashed up his phone with a coffee mug, telling Maya he would “do anything” for her.

And fans expressed their fury at the teacher on Twitter.

One seethed: “Maya is so toxic, she’s poison! #Emmerdale.”

Another sobbed: “Stop tearing him apart Maya. Jacob, come on, see right through the nasty [bleep] #Emmerdale.”

A third added: “Maya is a dangerous woman and I can’t wait until she is caught and Jacob is back safe with his family #Emmerdale.”

“Maya makes Jacob destroy his only lifeline,” exclaimed one more, while one tweeter simply wrote: “Maya you cow!”

Official spoilers have revealed that Maya will finally be arrested next week.

We’ll get the popcorn in…

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