Emmerdale SPOPILERs Malone dug up

Emmerdale fans fed up with TWO ‘ridiculous’ storylines

Fans aren't impressed

Emmerdale fans are fed up with two big storylines which are currently running.

They have called the show out over the Archie and Arthur bullying storyline as well as DI Malone and the drug plot.

Since last year, Arthur Thomas and Archie Breckle have been involved in a bullying storyline.

After cruelling tormenting Archie, Arthur eventually told his mum the truth. Although Arthur seems to be trying to make things right and has been going for counselling, Archie knows he can easily get Arthur into trouble again.

In last night’s episode (Monday, May 5) Arthur invited Archie to play football. But seeing Archie uneasy at the idea, Laurel sent Arthur’s big sister Gabby to keep an eye on the two.

Arthur and Archie still aren’t getting on (Credit: ITV Hub)

But the plan didn’t work as the two boys came back covered in mud and in an argument over what happened.

Meanwhile, over the last few weeks, Emmerdale viewers have been getting to know corrupt copper DI Malone.

Malone is the head of the gang that Will Taylor use to be involved with. He recently got back into contact with Will and has been forcing him, Cain Dingle and Billy Fletcher to do jobs such as running drugs and getting rid of dodgy vehicles.

Malone’s plan to get Cain and Billy arrested didn’t work (Credit: ITV Hub)

In last night’s episode, after sending Billy and Cain on a job, Malone tried to get them arrested for possession of drugs. But his plan backfired when the vehicle was searched and there was no evidence.

But viewers have been left unimpressed with both storylines branding them ‘ridiculous’ and ‘boring’.


What happens next in Emmerdale for Arthur and Archie?

In this week’s episodes at Rishi’s 70th birthday camping trip, Arthur and Archie’s feud gets out of hand.

The campfire is ready to be lit and just the two boys are present. A picture shows the fire is lit and the flames are huge.

The flames are huge (Credit: ITV)

Next week, Rishi and Laurel return to the camping area and are stunned to see the fire raging out of control. With no one to be seen, Laurel springs into action, rescuing her daughter Dotty from a nearby tent.

She manages to get her out and she’s taken to the doctors surgery. Jai demands answers and Laurel confides in Manpreet she doesn’t know how much more of Arthur’s behaviour she can take.

Arthur gets a visit from the police (Credit: ITV)

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Despite Arthur’s excuses, Archie tells the adults what really happened with the fire. Knowing she has to act, Laurel calls the police and asks them to teach her son a lesson. But will it work?

What’s next for DI Malone?

Will is badly beaten (Credit: ITV)

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After thinking Will tipped off Billy and Cain about his plan to arrest them, he had his gang members beat up Will.

Will’s taken to hospital, but Harriet demands answers. Will he tell her the truth?

Emmerdale is on next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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