Emmerdale: Charity continues to wallow in self-pity after cheating on Vanessa and fans are fed-up

Charity has been struggling since Vanessa found out about her cheating

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Emmerdale fans are fed up of ‘hopeless’ Charity as she continued to wallow in self-pity after cheating on Vanessa.

A couple of weeks ago, Charity kissed Moira’s brother Mackenzie, unaware of who he is. But what she didn’t realise is Tracy saw the whole thing and took a picture.

Later, Vanessa was shown the picture and confronted Charity. She told her fiancée she wouldn’t be returning home and needed time and space.

emmerdale mackenzie and charity kiss
Charity cheated on Vanessa with Mackenzie (Credit: ITV)

But ever since Vanessa found out the truth, Charity has been drinking and not looking after herself or her children.

Emmerdale: Charity hit the bottle

In last night’s episode (Thursday, November 19) Charity received a call from Ross, who is the father of her son Moses.

He told her she needed to come pick the little boy up as he had work the next day and no one to look after him.

Charity has been drinking a lot (Credit: ITV)

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Despite being drunk, Charity went to get in her car to drive to Liverpool to collect Moses. However she was stopped by her granddaughter Sarah.

Later, Charity’s cousin Chas came over to try and help and make her see she’d be okay. But Charity said she was nothing without Vanessa.

However viewers weren’t sympathetic towards Charity and said they were ‘bored’ of her self-pity.

Emmerdale: Will Vanessa return?

Currently Vanessa actress Michelle Hardwick is on maternity leave from the ITV soap. Whilst pregnant, she was unable to film on set due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But despite being unable to appear in person, the character Vanessa made appearances via video call, whilst staying with her mum.

Vanessa has made appearances through video call (Credit: ITV)

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Michelle and her wife Kate Brook’s, who is a producer on Emmerdale, welcomed their son Edward ‘Teddy’ Peter Brooks last month.

Recently Michelle shared a glimpse from her and Kate’s IVF treatment journey.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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