Emmerdale Liv cries in prison after Chas attacks her

Emmerdale fans fear Liv will take her own life after Chas attack

Chas pulled no punches and left Liv with no one

Emmerdale fans were left horrified last night after Chas Dingle viciously attacked broken Liv Flaherty and told her she was no longer part of the family.

On Tuesday, December 7, Chas visited Liv in prison and launched into a nasty speech telling her everyone hated her and she was dead to them.

Chas then insisted in a so-called Dingle Court, that Liv was dead to them and no one must have contact with her again.

But viewers have been left concerned for the imprisoned teen as she has been left with no one. How will she cope?

Liv is all alone (Credit: ITV)

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Why did Chas attack Liv in Emmerdale?

After Aaron exited  in emotional scenes on Monday, December 6, Chas was left feeling bereft and blaming everyone.

But despite accusing Cain of driving her son away, it was Liv who she reserved her unrelenting anger for.

The youngster was charged with Ben’s murder and refused bail. After her hearing, brother Aaron visited her in a court sideroom and told her he was done. He then left town.

Chas went to see Liv last night and told her Aaron had gone, saying: “Do you know why? Because he had to get away from you, Liv, because he hates you. But not half as much as I hate you.”

And her nasty words didn’t stop there.

As Liv desperately pleaded her innocence, Chas made it clear no one believed her story.

Emmerdale Chas holds a Dingle Court and makes her feelings on Liv very clear
Chas pulled no punches on her feelings for Liv (Credit: ITV)

What else did Chas say to Liv?

Devastated Liv begged: “Why does no one believe me?”

Chas hit back: “Why do you think?

“Every shred of evidence points to you. Accept it Liv, we all have.

“Everyone’s given up on you Liv, not just Aaron.”

As Liv begged that she needed them as she had no one else, Chas coldly eyed her and told her: “Not my problem.

“You never were a Dingle. And now that Aaron’s gone what’s left to bond us? Absolutely nothing. So don’t phone us, don’t contact us. I’m not interested.

“You, lady, are dead to me.”

Fans were absolutely disgusted by Chas’s vile behaviour, with one writing on Twitter:  “Chas really is a nasty cow. If she’s not moaning about one thing it’s another ffs.”

Another noted: “Chas is nasty. Always was always will be.”

A third said: “Really bad move. Chas should be ashamed of herself. Sanctimonious old cow. Poor, poor Liv.”

Yet another commented: “Why the hell would Chas purposely feel the need to visit Liv inside only to tell her how much everyone supposedly hates her really? Cruel, heartless b**ch, seriously Aaron was always leaving one way or another.”

Emmerdale Liv is distraught after she is abandoned by Aaron and Chas in prison
Liv has been left with no one (Credit: ITV)

Will Liv take her own life in Emmerdale?

At the end of the episode, Chas was seen holding a ‘Dingle Court’ with Cain, Mandy, Vinny and Sam, where she told them: “As far as we’re concerned Liv doesn’t exist.”

She then forced them all to agree, which they did, apart from Vinny. He was furious they were letting Liv down so badly and insisted she was innocent.

Meanwhile, viewers saw Liv all alone in her cell, sobbing her heart out into her pillow.

The emotional scenes made them fear for her, with some worrying she might take her own life after feeling she has nothing left.

Emmerdale Sam thinks Liv is guilty, but Vinny is determined to prove she's innocent
Vinny will stop at nothing to clear Liv’s name (Credit: ITV)

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What happens next for Liv and the Dingles?

Despite the Dingles agreeing Liv is a “cold-blooded killer” and to cut her out, Vinny is insistent she’s innocent and he’ll do all he can to prove it.

However, Liv is heartbroken even further when she gets a visit from Mandy telling her to stay away from Vinny and cut all contact. Could this finally push her over the edge?

Vinny isn’t letting it go that easily and insists he wants to fight to get her freed.

A reluctant Mandy agrees to help at Christmas, desperate to bring her family back together. But how will Chas react to her decision?

Chas continues to struggle with the loss of Aaron tonight (Wednesday October 8), but will she regret acting so harshly when the dust settles? And when she finally knows the truth?

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