Dan Spencer and Faith Dingle looking shocked in Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans divided as Dan and Faith have sex in allotment shed

Faith and Dan got very drunk together

Emmerdale fans were left divided after Dan Spencer and Faith Dingle had sex in the allotment shed in last night’s scenes (Thursday, May 6 2022).

Dan and Faith ended up getting drunk and sneaking off the allotment shed for some alone time.

When Cain caught his mum and employee together, he was furious.

But fans have been left divided by the Emmerdale scenes.

Dan and Faith have been spending some time together (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Dan and Faith

This week, Faith has been desperate to make amends with Cain and set up an allotment patch for his son Kyle.

Dan has been there to give Faith and Kyle a hand with the allotment.

In last night’s scenes, Kyle was working on his allotment with Faith and Dan sat watching.

Soon Cain came along and questioned why Faith hadn’t dropped him off.

She told him Kyle had taken an interest in turnips.

Cain took Kyle home to have some food and asked Faith if she’s be okay tidying up.

Faith was thrilled that Cain seemed to be softening towards her and suggested to Dan they go for a drink, as she owed him a pint for his help.

Later the two ended up in the Woolpack and Faith was thrilled Cain asked her to help with Kyle’s turnips.

Faith was thrilled Cain seemed to be softening towards her, but has she ruined things? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans divided as Dan and Faith have sex in allotment shed

Faith and Dan left the pub, clearly drunk and went back to the allotment.

Dan called Faith gorgeous and it was clear there was was an attraction.

She soon marched off to the shed and told Dan she had an ‘itch that needs scratching.’

Faith then told him to come into the shed calling herself “filthy.”

Dan followed her into the shed and soon the two could be heard laughing as they fooled around.

Dan and Faith were caught by Cain, but can he forgive Faith? (Credit: ITV)

However it wasn’t long before Cain showed back up at the allotment with Kyle and saw Dan stumble out.

Cain soon ordered Kyle to go back to the car and as he walked off, Faith came out.

He was furious Kyle’s patch hadn’t been cleared up and that his mother slept with his employee.

Cain told Faith she should be ashamed of herself.

Fans were left divided by the scenes with some thinking Faith and Dan make a good couple.




However others didn’t approve.

Later Chas found out about Faith and Dan and was furious her mum slept with her ex-husband.

Will Faith be able to fix things with her family?

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