Emmerdale fans disgusted as Wendy lies about Vic’s pregnancy to get close to baby

How could she?

Viewers of Emmerdale were horrified last night, when Wendy Posner abused her position of trust by lying to Victoria Sugden about her unborn baby.

On Thursday (December 5), Vic was alarmed when she started to feel contractions and feared she was going into early labour.

Victoria was scared something was wrong with the baby (Credit: ITV)
Victoria was scared something was wrong with the baby (Credit: ITV)

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Luckily Luke was there to call for help – but, in a move which angered Vic, Luke’s mum Wendy arrived at the house.

Yes, she’s a midwife, but she also happens to be the mum of Vic’s rapist who is making her life a misery at present!

I’m getting SO angry watching Wendy ‘helping’ Vic.

Insisting she could help, she began to inspect Victoria’s bump and listening to the baby’s heartbeat…

Wendy Vic

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Eventually she told Victoria she was experiencing Braxton Hicks, a phantom labour the body goes through as the due date approaches.

Her son Luke soon realised she had extended the stay to spend time with Victoria and the unborn baby – rather than tell Vic as soon as possible she had nothing to worry about.

Turning on his mum when Vic was out of the room, he said: “When did you know when Victoria wasn’t in labour, that she was safe, how soon did you realise?”

Wendy Vic
Viewers have grown to hate Wendy for ‘stalking’ Vic (Credit: ITV)

He pushed: “Pretty much immediately, right? You said before that you know within seconds.

“You wanted to take advantage to be near Lee’s kid before he’s even born.”

Wendy insisted she just wanted to be near the baby – even if that meant putting Vic through unnecessary stress.

And fans were disgusted with the character, with one writing: “It was a false alarm and Victoria wasn’t in labour. It’d be too damn weird to have Wendy deliver the baby. So Wendy knew straight away that Victoria wasn’t in labour and she has the nerve to still call Victoria a liar.”

Another said: “Aside from six months of harassment, Wendy is now (as a nurse) lying/using a patient (who in real life she couldn’t treat due to her son being her rapist/baby’s dad, therefore making it too close to home) and STILL no repercussions. Only on @Emmerdale.”

A third said: “I’m getting SO angry watching Wendy ‘helping’ Vic. I’d give birth on my own before I let her help. #Emmerdale.”

“Please get rid of Wendy, I can’t bear this story,” said one more.

Those watching from home recently slammed the soap for what they believe is a “sick” and “perverse” plot which “sends the wrong message to victims of abuse”.

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