Emmerdale SPOPILERs Malone dug up

Emmerdale fans desperate for DI Malone to be exposed by a recording

Viewers want the storyline to end

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Emmerdale viewers have begged the show to end the DI Malone gangster plot – and they know just how to do it.

With Malone not exactly discreet when he meets with his minions, fans think they should record him and bring him down.

After Malone’s attempts to arrest Cain and Billy fell flat, he had Will beaten up and alarm bells starting ringing for Harriet.

Last night (Wednesday, May 6) she confronted Cain demanding answers.

Emmerdale Cain Harriet
Cain told Harriet everything about Malone in last night’s Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Cain confesses

Cain confessed everything and Harriet couldn’t believe what she was hearing, insisting she was going to report Malone.

But Cain then told her Dawn was involved too and Harriet knew there was too much at stake to risk going to the police.

Cain urged Harriet not to go to the police about Malone in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

He also pointed out DI Malone has a lot of friends in high places within the Emmerdale police force and he’d get away scott free even if she did dob him in.

But those watching at home know how to trap Malone with evidence – record him.

What do the fans think?

It wouldn’t be the first time taped evidence has been used

Rhona took down Pierce with a recording (Credit: ITV)

Earlier this year, Rhona Goskirk recorded Pierce Harris admitting to all of his crimes after he murdered Graham Foster.

Pierce had kidnapped Vanessa Woodfield and held her and her son Johnny hostage.

He eventually called Rhona to come and wanted them to be together, but Rhona live streamed their conversation to the Woolpack, so everyone knew who really killed Graham.

Under questioning, Pierce tried to pretend he and Rhona were doing role play, but he was sentenced to life.

Marlon Dingle, who had been in prison for the murder, was then released.

Will Malone be caught in Emmerdale?

Viewers have already expressed how bored they are with the plot, but now Harriet’s involved does that mean it could end soon?

Harriet definitely wants answers and after dealing Will a devastating blow next week, she meets with Malone.

But as he begs her not to report him, promising to leave them all alone from now on, something else is revealed…

Malone and Harriet know each other VERY well in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

It soon becomes very clear that there is more to Harriet and Malone’s past than meets the eye.

Some fans think they might be secretly brother and sister.

However, the recent Emmerdale trailer suggested they were definitely more intimate than that.

Can Harriet resist the old charm and stand up to Malone?

Will she be the one to get rid of him?

Or will he continue terrorising the whole village for a while yet?

Emmerdale is next on Friday, May 8 at 7pm on ITV.

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